TRS detox Amazon

TRS detox Amazon? 4 reasons why you shouldn’t!


No #1.  Coseva has no affiliation to Amazon and EBay.

No #2. Advanced TRS spray is not allowed to be sold on those sites per Coseva rules.

No #3. Stonesdetox and other authorized distributors cannot support anyone who purchases their TRS from those places.

No #4. Purchasing from those sites, it’s not backed by Coseva and not guaranteed to be authentic.

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Stones detox has been an authorized Coseva distributor, for over 3 years, and you can trust that you will receive full guidance on your health journey. You are able to order directly from Coseva at

OR from Stones Detox personally. Stones Detox can save you on the shipping cost.  Contact your Coseva distributor  here.

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Purchasing TRS Detox on Amazon

You will be purchasing TRS at a higher cost!

Coseva distributors are here to inform you that you can recieve TRS and Coseva’s other wellness products at a way more cost efficient price.

How to recieve the best pricing?

Select your Coseva products here

Choose the option that you want- either the one bottle or three bottle pack and then choose the “preferred customer price” option when adding advanced TRS to your cart.

Hit “Check Out” and then enter your details. Please note down your user name and password. (Passwords can’t have any special characters.)

And then choose “yes” to the “becoming a Preferred Customer option” on the next page when you are entering delivery and payment details.

These steps will ensure that you get the lowest prices available which is autoship pricing.

For an exaple: One bottle of TRS is $95 but it drops to $68 on autoship.

Three bottles of TRS retails for $170. The autoship option for 3 bottles costs $150.

The best value would always be the three bottle pack.