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Hi there, I’m Amber Stone and I am your Coseva Distributor.

After experiencing all the amazing changes with my overall health, including neurological improvements with detoxing with TRS, I wanted to spread awareness about this helpful product which led me to partnering with Coseva. I have been an authorized Coseva distributor for 3 years and have helped countless people on their detox journey while working in a detox support group with well over 125,000 members.  It has been such a blessing to offer my experience and support to everyone and hear their successes. It’s especially gratifying to see children with neurological disorders have improvements since having to address these issues with my own child. But detoxing with TRS is for adults as well as children and I have witnessed great changes for people with a wide variety of issues that are caused by or worsened by toxicity.  Common improvements include better sleep, more feelings of calm and well-being, regular elimination, skin clearing from breakouts and rashes, and so much more.


Heavy metals have compromised my health!

Throughout the majority of my life, I  was suffering from spinal structural pain and functional abnormalities. With my methylation issues due to my MTHFR genetic status, I accumulated toxins and wasn’t able to eliminate them well. 

It wasn’t until 30 years later when I became aware of the truth that I had scoliosis.

Finally, it was when I had my own child and she started to have adverse reactions to her immunizations, I searched for ways to detox my daughter in hopes that I could save her quality of life from the damage I had allowed unknowingly. I found TRS, not only did it save her, little did I know that my damaged body would improve from the powers within this blue bottle!!

From the first couple of days of starting, I noticed unimaginable changes. My thinking was clearer, my brain fog was lifting and I had this newfound energy. Then something extraordinary happened right after my second month. I no longer suffered from spinal pain. The cause of my scoliosis seems due to copper toxicity, which caused an imbalance with zinc. I was in excruciating pain doing common housekeeping. How am I not suffering anymore? Could it be that my spine straightened!? Yes, it did!! I have never been in such optimal health, and I never expected my cognitive impairment would ever improve!!

TRS has been a godsend to me and my family and because of this, I have dedicated my time to helping others remove toxic metals from their bodies and find relief through the use of TRS.

Improvements I have seen in many others.

Advanced TRS Spray

Improvements to neurological development


Digestive improvements


Helped to regulate blood sugar levels in many individuals


Significant improvements to liver and kidney problems


People with high blood pressure have seen a steady drop


Reversed the effects of many Autoimmune diseases

What’s to know?

Your membership in our private FB group is included with your purchase.

Coseva offers preferred pricing for everyone by selecting AutoShip to be a preferred customer. There is no need to sign up as a distributor to get TRS at a great price. 

It is recommended to take six bottles of TRS to significantly detox. Though people with methylation issues and severely blocked detox pathways should consider continuing doing maintenance sprays.



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