Advanced TRS side effects

Advanced TRS Side Effects?


TRS has no side effects of its own; it is biologically inert. The only thing it does is collect positively charged toxins and carry them out. Any symptoms felt by users are directly relevant to healing what is already present in the body. That means healing latent viruses and bacteria, Candida and parasites leaving the body, or gut balancing and health… is unique to each individual.

So yes, it is possible that you could experience signs and symptoms of retracing, and healing reactions… which are extremely variable. The body also has cells that have memory of injury, trauma or past illnesses. Therefore these imbalances or toxins from the past that contributed to

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health issues, injury or disease need to re-establish metabolism balance and release toxins during the healing process and cellular regeneration in order to restore homeostasis.

This process is known as ‘retracing’.  Not everyone experiences this, but for some people, as the toxins are removed or metabolic shifts take place or injuries repaired they may feel tired or light symptoms such as transient headaches, a rash or aches and pains depending on a person’s past conditions. Most healing reactions are mild and pass quickly – they are perfectly normal and a positive sign as the body heals and energy increases.

Advanced TRS Testimonies

TRS detox reviews

TRS spray benefits

TRS Spray Benefits

TRS is unique among detoxes.  The zeolites are perfectly designed to be in the nanometer range and encased in water molecule clusters. This means that while other zeolite sprays and powders stay in the digestive system, TRS can actually go anywhere in the body.. Click Here!

Now that we covered that there’s no Advanced TRS side effects,

Stonesdetox would like give you some helpful suggestions.

You could lower the amount of TRS sprays till your body catches up. Personally what I would really suggest would be actually increasing your sprays, and possibly increasing significantly while supporting the symptoms naturally. Sometimes a much higher amount of sprays can make symptoms like this clear up. When candida dies off, it releases a thing called gliotoxin, which in turn becomes ammonia. Ammonia is the thing causing the pain, bloating, etc. BUT TRS detoxes ammonia. So when you are taking just enough TRS to kill off some candida, but not enough to detox the ammonia… that’s the problem zone. 

Symptoms are clear signs

That your body is compromised by toxins, and by removing them your body can balance out and start functioning better.


Chamomile , skullcap tea or tincture. Grounding/Earthing. Meditation. Copaiba Essential Oil.


High dose vitamin C – dosage chart, Chamomile, Magnesium flake bath. Chiropartor work, rebounding. Increase water and soluble fiber. Probiotics.


Charcoal. Camomile, ensure adequate hydration.


Magnesium, high dose vitamin C. Magnesium flake bath. Cucumber juice.


High dose vitamin C. Quecertin. Skullcap tea or tincture. Castor oil packets. Chamomile packets.

Itchy skin

Epsom salt bath. High dose vitamin C. Bentonite clay. Castor or glycerin oil.

Runny nose/Cold-like symptoms/Fever/Sore throat

High dose vitamin C. Neti pot, gargling salt water. Cleavers. Lymph massages.

Tantrums/Emotional outbursts

Arnica. Frankincence, lavender. Grounding, Tapping. Epsom salt baths.


Get full support on your detox journey

While you might be concerned about Advanced TRS side effects … You might also want to hear lovely success stories from my clients

What they´re saying…

“It’s helping like nothing in all these years of treatment has.”

I’ve been in treatment for 22 years for Lyme and co infections. I’ve been with Dr. H for at least 7 years and couldn’t get over 35% until TRS. I’m just finishing my second bottle and one of my greatest gains has been the brain fog! It’s helping like nothing in all these years of treatment has. Some people might not understand the significance this is to me, but it’s life changing. I have more energy and am able to get out of bed more so I can grab my walker and go for walks again.


Amber Stone, a complete stranger reached out to me and listened to me. She was a life saver, literally. I felt like I was dying before she contacted me. She was there for me when my husband was so overwhelmed by how to help me. My many doctors were stumped. She encouraged me and was very understanding. I believe she gave me the courage to not give up and to keep fighting. I cannot thank her enough.

Jan C

” I now have feeling in my feet “

I wanted to share my TRS review. 2 1/2 months on TRS and my feet no longer hurt. Some feeling has returned and they seem to be improving every day (toes are still numb). Don’t know yet if they will ever feel completely normal or if I’ve suffered permanent nerve damage but I’m happy to say that after 18 years, the excruciating burning sensation is now GONE!


UPDATE: It’s been 2 months since My first update and my neuropathy continues to improve…I now have feeling in my feet with the exception on the three outer toes on my right foot and the big toe on my left. This gives me hope that I will eventually have the feeling in my feet completely restored. I have reported this to my Integrative GP who is documenting all the medical gains since starting TRS in my chart.

-Pam S-

” My TGAB is now at 1003 and my TSH is down over a half a point! “

I’ve been on TRS for 3 1/2 months at 5 sprays a day. I was diagnosed with borderline hypothyroidism in August 2019, but told that it was unnecessary to test for Hashimotos. I got my own bloodwork done and my anti-thyroglobulin (TGAB) was at 1221 (should be zero). Since Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease, I should be gluten free, dairy free etc, but that’s really hard and I have no self control . Sooooo I’ve done nothing besides TRS and vitamins for thyroid health. My TGAB is now at 1003 and my TSH is down over a half a point! Not to mention almost all my symptoms are gone!

-Jackie M-

“My sweet daughter’s eczema is healing through TRS this week.”

When I say this stuff is changing our lives, I really mean it y’all! A month in and I’m totally weaned off of my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications! I also haven’t needed sleeping medication that I’ve depended on for over 5 years.

My sweet daughter’s eczema is healing through TRS this week! SUCH AMAZING GAINS this week!! Clear improvements from spraying orally, and not even a full week of me spraying it directly on her face.

Zane A

” Eye sight is way better! “

I have cleared out quite a bit of candida as well as having to get new glasses because my eye sight is better!
My thinking seems clearer as well. I will continue to use TRS without a doubt!
– Wendy F –

“I think my sugar diabetes just keeps getting better and better!”

I have high blood pressure and sugar diabetes, I have been taking TRS religiously for 2 1/2 weeks. I have always been on blood pressure pills and I’m normally 90/200 while taking them. Today 80/132! And my sugar diabetes is usually in the range from 162 to 200 while taking Metformin, I’m truly mind blown that it is at 100 today! Even after I had cereal, and sugarless cookies today.

I think my sugar diabetes just keeps getting better and better! I can’t get over this

Debbie R

“Our bodies and minds can heal and for me it is not a life sentence.”

I’m 6 month in with TRS from toxic black mold poisoning. I have a diagnosis of bipolar, PTSD, Tardive Dyskinesia, manic depressive, and fibromyalgia. My bangs were the same length of my hair which was halfway down my back and fell out. I was in a mess! I didn’t think I was going to live through that nightmare!


TRS saved my life! What a healing journey it has been. I’m off of the antidepressant and medications I had been on for 35 years! I have energy, no depression. I have peed metallic specks, passed parasites, liver flukes and coughed up things I didn’t really know what it was but knew it was detoxing my bronchioles. My hair is growing back nicely. My tonsils shrunk and I no longer gasp at night. I am a smoker, but have been able to wean down to 3 or 4 a day. They are beginning to not taste so great anymore. I had skin tags popping up on one side of my neck that crumbled off!


I’m 54 and have been disabled since I was 42. I’m getting my life back after all of these years. It’s been crazy good! Our bodies and minds can heal and for me it is not a life sentence.

Erin A

“He can see light better and shadows seem to be clearer!”

I have been giving my friend TRS for two months now. He has been blind for two years, has COPD, and has been told to quit smoking for many years. After taking TRS he can see light better and shadows seem to be clearer. I take him to a Retional Consultant once every three months. The last time he could see one of the letters out of three and up until now he could see none. In my eyes this is a great improvement. Waiting to see what happens the next time I take him.

-Rae B