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Cancer Prevention: The 5 ways TRS could help


Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known today. From the last few decades, its numbers went sky high. And due to the development of a large number of industries, it is becoming more and more difficult to stop. After a large number of studies, zeolite is found to play a critical role in cancer prevention and treatment. Zeolite is present in TRS, so using TRS is the efficient and easy way to combat such a deadliest disease. 

 The number of cancer cases is increasing day by day, and because it is a fatal disease, it is so important to have a way to deal with it. The industries which produce carcinogens are spreading, and there is no way to hold this. 

 But what we can do is to have some measures to prevent ourselves from cancer, and here comes zeolite or TRS. You might think about how zeolite can help us deal with cancer, so let’s dive into it. 

How zeolites play a role in cancer prevention 

You are curious to find how zeolites are able to play a crucial role in the cancer prevention and curing of cancer, right? Well, stick with us, and the following discussion will make it clear. 

Zeolite eliminate nitrosamines 

Zeolites help us in wiping out many harmful toxins from the body. One of the main categories of toxins that is carcinogenic is known as nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are playing a big role in causing cancer, but thanks to zeolites that are responsible for the eradication of these toxic chemicals and prevent us from this fatal disease.

 Nitrate is the basic component of nitrosamines, and the things we consume daily like cigarettes, beer has a large number of nitrates that can cause different cancers in the body. 

 Those people who follow strict diets also consume abnormal levels of nitrates. So this is a must to eradicate from the body. Zeolites help to decrease the assimilation of nitrates and thus help us in cancer prevention. 

Antioxidant properties of zeolites 

Antioxidants play a role in preventing the body from cancer, and since zeolites also have antioxidant properties, it is not a surprise that it helps us in treating cancers. Different antioxidants, including zeolites, are widely used to treat and cure cancers.

Zeolites suppress tumor growth

Zeolites are found to suppress tumor growth, and this ability makes them so capable of treating cancers. 

 In one study, animals with different types of cancers were given the supplements having zeolite. Interestingly, the zeolites lead to the contraction of tumors and better health conditions of the animals. Although the betterments that occurred in health were not uniform for all types of cancers but were worthy with no side effects. 

 Another study conducted also showed that there are some tumor suppressor genes, and by targeting those genes, zeolites are able to suppress the growth of tumors. 

Zeolites help in maintaining alkalinity 

We know that cancer flourishes in acidic environments. The PH of the blood is so important for proper metabolism and cellular functions. The acidic environment interferes with proper metabolism, so the body tries to maintain minor alkalinity to make the environment better for cellular functions. 

 The body maintains the PH of blood by two methods. Both kidneys and lungs play a big role in this process. Kidneys remove hydrogen (called proton) from the body to reduce acidity, and this is a time taking process. On the other hand, the lungs remove excess carbon dioxide from the body in a much faster way. 

 Now, as we know that kidneys reduce acidity by eliminating the hydrogen ions from the body, but the same can be done by the zeolites as well. Zeolites have the capability of attracting protons (hydrogen ions) and thus reduce acidity in the body.

 As we know that cancers flourish in the acidic environment, so the zeolites are minimizing the chances of cancer development by making the environment alkaline. 


Zeolites improve immunity 

Zeolites play a significant role in the betterment of our immunity. It detoxifies the body from various types of toxins like heavy metals and allergens to ensure the proper functioning of the body. The accumulation of heavy metals and allergens can cause some serious problems for the body, and their removal leads to better cellular and gland function. 

 Experts believe that zeolites also have antiviral properties, which make it very beneficial to combat various types of fatal viral diseases. By fighting those viruses, zeolites are contributing to the betterment of our immunity. 

 Recent evidence has proved the immunomodulatory effects of the zeolites, and its chemical composition is considered to have immuno-stimulating properties. Experts are of the view that zeolites play a vital role in activating enormous groups of T cells. 

 In one study, people who had a deficiency in immunity were provided with clinoptilolite zeolite in their diet and after 6 to 8 weeks, the blood counts of immune cells were higher.

 Zeolites trigger the P21 gene in tumor cells, and the P21 gene then destroys the cancer cells. Thus, we can say that zeolites play a role in destroying cancer cells. 


  1. Rik Deitsch said “When NCD’s molecular cages contain a heavy metal ion they have a polarized charge and as this polarized cage goes near a cancer cell their polar charge makes it easy for them to go through cancer cell membranes but not normal cell membranes. But when the cancer cell identifies the zeolite in the cell it realizes that something may be wrong for it to be there in the first place and switches on the P21 gene that self-destructs the cancer cell.” 

   Biochemist Dr Rik Deitsch.


TRS and chemo 

The concern in chemotherapy is the agents which contain heavy metals. We highly suggest pausing taking TRS before forty-eight hours of chemotherapy and continue taking it after forty-eight hours of chemotherapy. 


Toxic heavy metals and their link with cancer

Heavy metals are found to have linkage with many types of cancers and other fatal diseases. These metals have a large contribution to many hazardous conditions. Let’s have a look. 


Chromium is found to play a significant role in causing lung cancer. Workers who work in the area having a high concentration of chromium are extremely susceptible to lung cancer.

 Such a long term exposure to chromium allows chromium to cause repetitive damage, which then leads not only to lung cancer but also to the damaging of the nose, eyes and nasal cavities.


Cadmium is found in very high concentrations in those people who have lung cancer. It shows the linkage of chromium with lung cancer. Apart from this, cadmium also plays a role in renal dysfunctions. 


Arsenic also causes many skin conditions like warts and dermatitis. And not only these, but it can also lead to severe diseases like skin and lung cancer. People who have more exposure to arsenic are found to have many skin and lung problems. 


Beryllium causes many lung infections and lung cancer as well. Its exposure can lead to metabolism problems which may disrupt the normality in the body. 


TRS can help you cope with these toxic metals

We know that TRS, which contains clinoptilolite zeolites, is the best way to get rid of toxic heavy metals. As toxic heavy metals are the cause of some cancers so, by getting rid of heavy metals, TRS helps you in avoiding cancers as well. 

Role of advanced fulvic in immunity boost and cancer cure 

In addition to TRS, the Advanced Fulvic plays a crucial role in immunity and cancer prevention. The advanced fulvic (also known as “mineral pitch” or “shilajit”) lifts immunity in severe conditions. The diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and cancer repress th1 cytokines, but in such a situation, fulvic acids can help to lift immunity.


Glutathione reduces oxidative stress; helps in cancer prevention

Whenever there is an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the capability of the body to fight against them, oxidative stress takes place. For diseases like cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, the high levels of oxidative stress can prove to be forerunners. 

 Glutathione fends off the effects of oxidative stress, which causes cancer, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, and thus helps in preventing these diseases. The high levels of glutathione increase the levels of antioxidants that help in resistance to oxidative stress in cancer cells. 


Vitamin K2 helps to prevent cancer 

Vitamin K2 is considered worthy of cancer treatment because of its anticancer effects on cancerous cells. A study has shown that vitamin K2 surely inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Apart from this, treatment of cancer with vitamin K2 along with established chemotherapeutics have few side effects, which makes vitamin K2 a better option for cancer prevention.


DHA aids in reducing the risk of certain cancers

The evidence shows that a higher intake of omega 3 fatty acids (such as DHA) aids in lowering the risks of various types of cancers like prostate, pancreatic and breast cancers. The anti-inflammatory effects of DHA make it able to combat cancer cells and inhibit their growth. 

 Now, research is showing that DHA is very beneficial in making anti-cancer drugs to fight cancer disease. 


Cancer is a deadly disease for sure, and its increasing rates are posing a huge threat to mankind. In order to prevent yourself from cancers and minimize the risk, we highly suggest using TRS. TRS contains clinoptilolite zeolites which are proven to combat cancers with no side effects. 


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