Cellular Detox

There are many ways to detoxify your body from harmful toxins and improve your physical well-being, but the TRS cellular detox is the most efficient way to do that. TRS cellular detox is incredibly effective and safer than any other detox, and that is why experts often suggest it. If you want to improve your sleep and mood, stay with us till the end, we are going to explore all the details of how TRS can help you get this done.


The Pineal gland 

 The pineal gland is the endocrine gland that plays a very crucial role in the betterment of sleep and mood. It  releases a hormone called melatonin that does these functions. 

The pineal gland also helps the body in circadian rhythms because it is photosensitive and delivers information about the light-dark cycle to the brain.


Detox of the pineal gland with TRS

 We suggest detoxing the pineal gland with TRS because the heavy metals play a huge part in adding toxicity to the pineal gland, and the heavy metals will have no chance to cause more problems if they are confronted with the TRS. TRS wipes heavy metals toxins out of the brain and prevents their redistribution in the body as well. 

 One of the reasons that people notice a sudden improvement in the quality of their sleep after taking TRS is because of the release of aluminum metal from the pineal gland. And not just the aluminum metal, but some other metals as well. On the other hand, some people may experience emotional freedom due to the release of metals because the pineal gland has a large effect on emotions and mood disorders. The pineal gland plays its role in depression and anxiety.


How does the pineal gland perform its duties, and why cellular detox is important

 The pineal gland plays a key role in maintaining the sleep/wake cycle, and this function is performed with the help of the melatonin hormone. The melatonin hormone is generated by the pineal gland. At night, the delivery of sulfate to the neurons is important, and melatonin fulfills this responsibility.

 The pineal gland raises stocks of sulfate molecules in the daytime and then stores these sulfates in heparan sulfate molecules. This process is done in the daytime with the help of sunlight, which acts as a catalyst.

 The pineal gland manufactures melatonin in the evening. After manufacturing, melatonin is carried to different parts of the brain in the form of melatonin sulfate. As melatonin circulates in the form of melatonin sulfates, it reaches the third ventricle, the melatonin discharges the sulfate into the cerebrospinal fluid.

 The peak of the third ventricle is encased in the pineal gland, so the connection of autism with heparan sulfate reduction in the third and the lateral ventricle of the brain becomes more intriguing.

 In fact, for the incursion of melatonin in the cerebrospinal fluid, the pineal gland is the major spot. Alternatively stated, the pineal gland produces melatonin sulfate to the third ventricle under normal conditions, and then the sulfate is released by the melatonin, which spreads throughout the cerebrospinal fluid.

 Moreover, apart from the transportation of sulfate, melatonin is an extraordinary antioxidant that ties heavy metals and helps the body get rid of them. Thus it will be no surprise to see the implication of melatonin handicap in neurological disorders.

 In healthy people, melatonin plays an important role in the inducement of REM sleep. REM sleep is considered to be the most crucial stage of sleep. Intriguingly, Alzheimer’s, which is a brain disease, has a connection with decreased REM and calcified pineal gland. Apart from autism, sleep disorders are also connected with neurological disorders, such as schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, depression, and other diseases. 


Connection of heavy metals with the impairment of the pineal gland

 Heavy metals are associated with the contemporary outbreak of neurological diseases, and recent pieces of evidence are proving this to be true. This fact helps us in explaining that the sleep disorders we confront in different neurological conditions could be due to the inability of the pineal gland to produce sulfate.

 This impairment of the pineal gland to produce sulfate is caused by mercury and aluminum (toxic heavy metals). For proper sleep, both melatonin and sulfate are important, but when the pineal gland is unable to produce sulfate, this also decreases the production of melatonin as well, and things become even worse.

 As the pineal gland has no protection of the blood-brain barrier, it is extremely vulnerable to heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. In 1966, a paper was published showing that the concentration of heavy metals in the pineal gland was higher than any other tissue of the brain.

 Now, if we look at the connection of heavy metals, the pineal gland, and sleep, it can be seen that most often, insomnia is caused due to the adverse reaction of aluminum-containing vaccines, rather than the vaccines that do not contain aluminum.


How does TRS detox the brain?

 Advanced TRS has zeolites suspended in water, and that is why it is referred to as mineral water colloid. TRS is able to travel throughout the fluids of the whole body due to the suspension of these nano-sized zeolites molecules in water.

 So, it is no surprise that TRS can go deep into the brain to eliminate neurotoxins on a cellular level, and that is called a cellular detox. The zeolites are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and eliminate neurotoxins with the help of cerebrospinal fluid.

 The cerebrospinal fluid (the glymphatic system) is linked with the lymphatic vessel system and can wipe out toxins from the brain.


Glymphatic system role in cellular detox

 The glymphatic system is a newly discovered macroscopic clearance system. It plays a very crucial role in cellular detox and the detox of the pineal gland as well.

 The glymphatic system uses the perivascular tunnels to remove the toxins in a more efficient way. These perivascular tunnels are made of astroglial cells. This clearance system helps to keep the nervous system clean and safe from toxicity.

 Studies also show that the glymphatic system helps in the distribution of various types of compounds in the brain. This property of the glymphatic system helps the zeolites of TRS to clean the pineal gland.

 The glymphatic system functions during sleep and is disconnected during wakefulness. So, it shows how important it is for the body to enter a better sleep zone for effective cellular detox. 



The crucial contribution of the glymphatic system in CNS health

 The CNS lacks lymphatic vessels to clean itself from the toxins and wastes, but recent studies have shown that the glymphatic system plays a critical role in maintaining the CNS clean.

 The glymphatic system cleanses the brain nervous system with the help of cerebrospinal fluid that circulates in the brain. Thus all the metabolic wastes are removed from the brain.

 We can see that this system also helps in the detox of the pineal gland as it circulates the cerebrospinal fluid in all the tissues of the brain. With the intake of TRS, this process can be more efficient, and we will be able to get rid of toxins with this cellular detox. 



Why zeolites (TRS) is safe and beneficial for cellular detox

 In one study, rats were disclosed to organophosphate poisoning. The zeolite was also provided to them to see its effects and how it plays a role in cellular detox. The zeolite helped in restoring the cholinesterase activity in the brain, spleen, liver, and heart, etc.


 Mice were intoxicated with lead, and when supplemented with the clinoptilolite zeolite, it had a good protective effect on the tissues of the brain. The zeolites increased the activity of glutathione, peroxidase, and catalase.


 Another intriguing effect was found in the fluoride intoxicated rats. Fluoride is a neurotoxin that causes problems by causing inhibition in the activity of the antioxidant enzymes and lipid peroxidation. Upon supplementation of zeolites, the damage was recovered, and the activity of antioxidant enzymes was restored.




 Cellular detox is the most effective way to get the systems of your body going smoothly. The pineal gland detox can be done with TRS to improve sleep and mood.

 TRS is the best detox with amazing benefits and no side effects. The zeolites present in TRS are proven safe and effective. When the body is burdened and is presented with diseases caused by toxins, the body can balance out and start to function better. 

Recent shreds of evidence are showing a clear connection between the pineal gland impairment and heavy metals. So when it comes to dealing with heavy metals, there is no better way than TRS.

TRS Testimonials

A month in and I’m totally weaned off of my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications! I also haven’t needed sleeping medication that I’ve depended on for over 5 years.

-Zane A-

I started at 1 spray to see how I felt. I have many health conditions at my age but what has improved after my 2nd day of taking TRSwas new found energy. A few days later I have even more appropriate energy and more of a positive attitude. Different feeling all together.  More willingness to use the strength that have. I feel wide-awake and a lessening of negative outlook!

– Brad S –

I have a diagnosis of bipolar, PTSD, Tardive Dyskinesia, manic depressive, and fibromyalgia. My bangs were the same length of my hair which was halfway down my back and fell out. I was in a mess! I didn’t think I was going to live through that nightmare!

TRS saved my life! What a healing journey it has been. I’m off of the antidepressant and medications I had been on for 35 years! I have energy, no depression.

-Erin A-

I am thrilled! I have been taking TRS for 2 to 3 years and every day I feel better than the day before! My energy is picked up,
-Rae B-
My husband and I have both felt more energy, and have been happier and sleeping better!
-Sarah C-
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