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Advanced TRS detox spray is a breakthrough in nanotechnology and the safest way to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins from the body. Stones Detox is an independent distributor of Coseva wellness products. We are committed to guiding people throughout their detox journey to help them lead happier, healthier lives. We have helped many people with a multitude of different health issues, whom have had significant improvements through detoxing!

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Why did I become a TRS distributor?

After experiencing all the amazing changes with my overall health, including neurological improvements with TRS detox spray, I wanted to spread awareness about this helpful product which led me to partnering with Coseva. I have been an authorized Coseva distributor for over 3 years and have helped countless people on their detox journey while working in a detox support group with well over 125,000 members.  It has been such a blessing to offer my experience and support to everyone and hear their successes. It’s especially gratifying to see children with neurological disorders have improvements since having to address these issues with my own child. But detoxing with TRS is for adults as well as children and I have witnessed great changes for people with a wide variety of issues that are caused by or worsened by toxicity.  Common improvements include better sleep, more feelings of calm and well-being, regular elimination, skin clearing from breakouts and rashes, and so much more.

How can I help?  Are you looking for a Coseva Distributor thst will guide you on your health journey? You came to the right place. When starting, what I needed was someone to cut through all the overwhelming information, to guide me in practical steps to improve my health, and encourage me to stay on track with the new changes in my body. I’d like to be that for you. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what my clients are saying . Here are some Coseva TRS reviews that might be of interest to you.

TRS review

“It’s helping like nothing in all these years of treatment has.”

I’ve been in treatment for 22 years for Lyme and co infections. I’ve been with Dr. H for at least 7 years and couldn’t get over 35% until TRS. I’m just finishing my second bottle and one of my greatest gains has been the brain fog! It’s helping like nothing in all these years of treatment has. Some people might not understand the significance this is to me, but it’s life changing. I have more energy and am able to get out of bed more so I can grab my walker and go for walks again.

Amber Stone, a complete stranger reached out to me and listened to me. She was a life saver, literally. I felt like I was dying before she contacted me. She was there for me when my husband was so overwhelmed by how to help me. My many doctors were stumped. She encouraged me and was very understanding. I believe she gave me the courage to not give up and to keep fighting. I cannot thank her enough.

Jan C

Coseva offers preferred pricing by selecting AutoShip.

Become a preferred customer now and get Coseva's products at a great price.

Coseva offers preferred pricing by selecting AutoShip.

Become a preferred customer now and get Coseva's products at a great price.

Coseva offers preferred pricing by selecting AutoShip.

Become a preferred customer now and get Coseva's products at a great price.

The zeolites in TRS are perfectly designed to be in the nanometer range and encased in water molecule clusters. This means TRS Spray benefits while other zeolite sprays and powders stay in the digestive system because TRS can actually go anywhere in the body that water can go–including the brain!  It doesn’t tax any organs nor redistribute toxins.  The toxins safely leave the body in a few hours through normal passages. It is a great detox for nursing moms and pregnancy and people with less than optimal detox pathways. This stuff works!

Clinoptilolite zeolite works so well because they have a high negative charge and a strong affinity for toxins as toxins are usually positively charged. The TRS spray benefits because the zeolites are encased in water molecules in a true colloidal suspension. They cannot settle out of the solution and they are able to travel through the body with water and detox at the cellular level, including the brain. They act like tiny toxin magnets that attract and cage heavy metals, pesticides and any other toxin that has a positive charge.

Their tiny pore size of 0.9 nanometers means that they have a huge amount of surface area to capture toxins. Once toxins get trapped by the zeolite, they are captured within the zeolites’ cage-like structure and are rendered inert and have no chance of breaking loose.

What makes TRS so unique;  it is considered a passive chelator, it picks up toxins as it encounters them, but does not force toxins into circulation. This is why TRS does not cause redistribution and damage to the body as toxins leave. TRS is transported out of the body mainly through urine and other usual elimination pathways. As the nano-zeolites are so tiny, the kidneys don’t have to filter them; that’s how gentle this method of detoxing is.

TRS will remove any toxin with a positive charge and that includes heavy metals and toxic elements (aluminum, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, fluoride, barium, strontium, uranium, lead etc), pesticides and herbicides, plastic residues, toxins from molds and yeasts, chemicals from smoke and air pollution and also any radioactive material in the body.

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