Coseva's Zeolite


Chemical properties and biological applications of Zeolite 

Zeolites are anionic minerals made up of silicon ions, aluminum ions, and oxygen ions. They behave as natural magnets which capture and remove the harmful toxins from the body. One of the most common properties of zeolite is the ion exchange capability, therefore used on an industrial scale for purification of water and air and act as a filter of odor, chemical sieve, as separating agent, and as fillers in paints and plastics. Medically zeolite proves to be a significant supplement to remove mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pre-virus components. 

Zeolite also boosts the immune system and acts as a potent antidiarrheal and antioxidant. It also helps to regulate the circulatory system, renal function, neurological disorders, skin diseases, etc. Zeolites also help in depleting the stored toxic metals from the body through urine without disrupting the electrolyte levels of the body. Due to the number of health benefits and detoxification properties, there is an enormous increase in the in-vivo utilization of zeolite products.


Dr.Gabriel conducted the test study to evaluate the levels of toxins in the liver breast and brain. A short-term detox protocol consisting of a NCD Zeolite (Clinoptilolite zeolite crystal-a detox agent) and green vegetable juice was given to 55 individuals for 7days. The final results indicate an average 88% reduction of toxins including 700 different chemicals like toxic heavy metals, toxins of pesticides, and herbicides. After one week there is the removal of 91% toxins from the liver, 88% removal from breasts, and 87% from the brain.

This study concludes NCD zeolite is a powerful therapeutic agent to heal from different health issues like cancer, tumors, cysts, autism, arthritis, ADD, GI disorders, Respiratory problems, heavy metal toxicity, high BP, HIV, dental problems, skin diseases, fungal infections, and insect bite poisoning, etc.


Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring zeolite and is the most common compound in the medical market.

Clinoptilolite has a unique 3D tetrahedral structure with a negative charge, in which alumina and silica are stacked up. the cations such as calcium ions sodium ions, potassium ions, or magnesium ions neutralize the negative charge present between the intra crystalline cavities.


Clinoptilolite can be found in sedimentary rocks by the devitrification of volcanic ash as tuffs and as a by-product of weathering in the form of vesicles filling in basalt. The origin of clinoptilolite has a complex history. It is first discovered based on the chemical properties of mordenite by Pirsson in 1890. Later in 1923, Schaller identified these based on optical properties as a monoclinic dimorphic crystal of ptilolite having a similar morphology as heulandite. X-ray diffraction data determined that clinoptilolite and heulandite are isostructural. Clinoptilolite has a high alkali concentration and high composition of silicon and aluminium, and resistance to thermal degradation distinguishes the two minerals.



It is a natural mineral having a porous structure with a network of pores and cavities, bearing a negative charge. Since most of the toxins such as heavy metals, radioactive compounds, odors are positively charged so there are easily and effectively filtered according to their polarity, size, and shape.



Effective zeolite detox-Clinoptilolite structure attracts and traps the toxins. The properties like ion-exchange capacity, dehydration activity, and being a good absorbent make it an important detoxifier for the body and to keep the person healthy.

Sieving of Radioactive Isotopes-some of the common isotopes that are removed by clinoptilolite are Strontium 90, Caesium 134, and Caesium 137. After the removal of noxious toxins, the natural zeolite itself is also excreted from the body via the excretory system.

Removal of Carcinogenic substances- nitrosamines are genotoxic carcinogens present in diet and environment are also captured and excreted by clinoptilolite.

Natural Gut Support- the integrity of the intestine is maintained by clinoptilolite, regulating the proper nutrient absorption and keeping the proper flow of unwanted toxins. It also enhances the gut digestive enzyme activity and balances intestinal bacteria.

Balanced PH Levels/Acidic-Alkaline levels-it supports the proper kidney functioning by depleting the toxins from the body through urine. It also neutralizes the buffer acid of the body by providing alkaline minerals. pH itself also affects the adsorption capacity of lead and other toxins. Kinetic models and thermodynamics suggest that pH and absorption capacity have linear relation, as the pH of solution decreases the monolayer adsorption capacity of clinoptilolite also decreases.

Enhanced Immune Function-By protecting the body from harmful chemicals it enhances the immunity against different diseases and induces apoptosis. Zeolite also activates the cytokines that mediate and regulate the inflammation, it also stimulates the anti-bodies hence indirectly influencing and enhancing immunity.

Workout Recovery Supplement- due to overexerting exercise the lactic acid is built up in the muscles that cause lethargy and fatigue. Depletion of lactic acid by zeolite is helpful for athletes to maintain muscle tone.



To get the effective and quality product of zeolite it is advised to get micronized particles by milling. zeolite supplement with smaller particle size will circulate more in the blood, absorb more effectively in body tissues, perform better detox and easily be able to excrete from the body.


Zeolite is a natural mineral having the number of elements and impurities because of its high binding ability. The zeolite used in our product is properly cleaned against the contaminants and is micronized for use. Secondly, the zeolite absorbs the positively charged toxin from the blood, doesn’t break in the body, and is removed unchanged therefore there is no chance of overdosing. Zeolite is also recommended by FDA (Federal Drug Administration) as safe and non-toxic. Therefore, it is advised to take zeolite in diet to heal and detoxify the body.


Zeolite is the most powerful dietary supplement having great healing potential. zeolite should be added to the daily regimen to detoxify the body against heavy metals, pathogenic microbes, carcinogens, radioactive isotopes, and environmental toxins. Health effects, therapeutic value, and medical applications of zeolite based products prove that they are safe for the in-vivo consumption.