Dry Brushing Benefits

Dry brushing benefits are getting attention lately because of the benefits attached with its implication. Although most people are getting to know about it recently, it doesn’t mean that it was not there before. 

Dry brushing has been used extensively in older traditions. It has been widely used as a medicine in Ayurveda.

Want to know more about dry brushing and its benefits?

You can simply think of dry brushing as a massage with a stiff-bristled brush that helps you get rid of the dead skin cells. 

But dry brushing is more than just a body massage because of some amazing benefits. 

Dry Brushing Benefits

Well, one can be surprised to know how beneficial this simple dry brushing is if they look at its significant benefits that are given below. 


Dry brushing is considered a physical exfoliator. It is the best way to manually remove all the dead cells from the top of your skin. 

Improve skin appearance 

Working as a physical exfoliator, dry brushing removes the unwanted dead cells from the top of your skin. 

By doing so, dry brushing leaves the top of your skin nice and smooth and thus helps your skin look much better. 

Helps release toxins 

The lymphatic system works to deal with the toxins in our bodies. The fluid flows in proper channels, and the lymph nodes present in specific locations help to filter this fluid. 

But where there are too many toxins to be filtered, they may reduce the efficiency of the lymphatic nodes to filter, and thus the function of the lymphatic system gets disturbed. 

Dry brushing can help release these toxins through sweat. The brush helps to open up the pores present on the skin. With this, the rate of perspiration increases, and so does the release of toxins. 

Helps in lymphatic circulation 

Unlike your blood circulatory system, your lymphatic system has no pumping organ to facilitate the circulation of lymphatic fluid. 

Your lymphatic system may need some sort of body movements to function effectively. Dry brushing helps stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system. 

Relaxes your body 

Just like massage, dry brushing can help your body and mind relax. To get the most out of it, dry brush your body in a quieter and darker place. 

How to dry brush 

Select your brush 

It depends on you which type of brush you would want to dry brush your skin. Some prefer to choose a brush having a long handle, while some may go for short ones.  Therefore, it is totally subjective and depends on your personal preference. 

Getting yourself ready 

It is better to dry brush in a quieter and darker room because it will enhance your relaxation. Another thing is you want to be completely nude to do it, and getting it done before the shower is best.

Practice the brush movements 

 While dry brushing, apply medium pressure because it will help in preventing skin irritation. Long strokes are beneficial because they will help in the betterment of lymph circulation. 

Start from your feet 

 To enhance the flow of lymph, start dry brushing from your feet and then move upwards slowly. 

Top of the feet → lower leg → knee → thigh → butt.

 When you reach your stomach, you can go for circular motions or long strokes, depends on your preference. 

Upper body

Start from the palm of your hands and then slowly go upwards. Treat the upper arm with extra attention because that is the area where many lymph nodes reside.

Be extra gentle with your neck and jawline because these are sensitive areas. Finish your dry brushing by circularly going over your heart. 

Take a shower 

 After you are done with dry brushing, take a shower, this will help your body get rid of all those dead cells that were loosened during the dry brushing process. 


Dry brushing is a very effective way to provide your body with some benefits. The way it helps the lymphatic system indicates that it is a good thing to include in a daily routine. 

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