Do something you love, every day! 

We have an opportunity for you to earn Free TRS & Fulvic Acid!

As word about TRS and Fuvic acid is spreading, we are getting more and more requests from users who would like to become distributors.


It takes commitment, consistency, compassion, and communication.

Many of us have only become TRS and Fulvic distributors after seeing life changing results with our own children and family members, who all have suffered with a multitude of health issues due to toxins. We are full blown believers with many health gains.



Advanced TRS- Advanced Fulvic- Advanced CBD

Coseva is a distributor sponsored direct sales company which is not the same as a multi level marketing company (MLM). Coseva is a product driven company and the company does not require customers to sign up as distributors in order to purchase its products at a discounted prices nor does it give incentives for distributors to recruit their friends and family members to distribute TRS and other Coseva wellness products.


There isn’t a fee for distributors and no requirements to make purchases. There isn’t a price break for distributors and the autoship price is available to all.

Each month a Qualifying Volume must be reached to be eligible for commissions.

There are two ways to become eligible for commissions:

#1. Personally purchase a 3 pack  Or  #2. Sell at least a 3 pack and a single bottle

Those are the minimum amounts required. If you don’t meet either one of those qualifications, then you will not earn commission that month. It resets the following month.

Consider if meeting those requirements is likely for you to be able to do monthly on a regular basis.  If you find yourself always sharing with others and will have a few consistent customers, it can be worth it.

Sales and Commisions:

TRS Example

Customers can either purchase from you at retail or on autoship at the preferred customer price.  Autoship defaults to a monthly order, but can be cancelled or the date moved at any time.

3 pack retail $170 = $35

3 pack autoship $150 = $15

Single retail $95 = $36

Single autoship $68 = $9

3 and Free Incentive:

There is an incentive program called 3 and free where basically if you sell 3 3 packs (450QV), your own 3 pack autoship is free, just pay for shipping.

There is a 3 and free tab in the back office to help you determine eligibility. Orders from distributors under you do not count towards this, so that’s another reason to emphasize customers. You can earn up to 10 free bottles of  TRS, Fulvic acid or mix -n- match with a max of 1650QV counting towards 3 and free.

** You may use this personally, give them or sell them for no less than preferred pricing.

Replicated Sales Links:

When you become a distributor, there are 2 replicated website options for you to share with your potential customers.

Once you are a distributor these links will work with your username and the extra spaces removed.

#1 is the general website

#2 goes directly to the store front for people ready to order.


The link to log into an account:


TRS is simply a mineral compound, not a drug or medication, so we avoid wording like dose or dosage. We choose to use the word usage.

TRS does not cure or heal anything. TRS removes the heavy metals from the body so that the body can function optimally and heal itself

Avoid suggesting use of TRS for any disease conditions, instead note that certain symptoms can be a result of heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

Contacting Coseva:

The Coseva customer service number is
‭(844) 426-7382‬.

Or email:

Business hours are M-F 9-5 Mountain Time

Guidelines for enrolling new downlines

We encourage using TRS before deciding on enrolling.  At least make sure they know they will have some customers, and if they aren’t sure, it’s best to enroll as a customer first and convert to a distributor when they are sure they have people asking them about ordering. 

You should be having plenty of customer sales and earning your 3 and free before considering adding downlines. Remember that purchases from your distributors earn you less commission than a customer sale and don’t count towards 3 and free.

They need a basic understanding of TRS and how it works. Refer them back to your TRS link to learn more.

Keep an open line of communication going with your downlines so they are comfortable coming to you first with basic questions. Also, encourage searching the groups and back office too.

Ask them questions like:

Tell me more about your gains on TRS? How do you think you will want to share about TRS? What are you hoping to get out of being a distributor?

Being a distributor is about relationships. It is helpful to connect individually with people to share how TRS has helped you and how TRS may help them. Use the ways you are most comfortable with to share TRS with others. It is also a good idea to follow up to be able to answer questions.