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Fulvic Acid Reviews


“The next day my gut was fine”

I am a 71 year old man. Late this summer I began experiencing  gut pain that was totally unfamiliar for me. I was searching my meds looking for a solution. I ran across Fulvic bottle that was barely used. I had taken this before under direction of my Daughter Amber Stone. But after a spell I just stopped and it had been a month since I had used it.

My gut was in such pain that I used three dosage immediately. The next day my gut was fine. I continued to use one dose every morning until the bottle ran dry. I had two more bottles that Amber had provided. But being 71 years old it slipped my mind to open one. One week passes and I have a return of gut pain. It actually interfered somewhat with my breathing.

The light bulb went off and I opened another bottle and took three dosage immediately. The next morning I was fine. I just hope I don’t let that happen again.

Brad S.


“Body says yay more please!”

We started Fulvic about 2 weeks ago and my whole family loves it !! Even my kiddos will take it without any problems . My youngest (9years old ) says it tastes like watered down beef jerky  I don’t think so but kids are silly . My husband says it gives him tons of energy so he has to take it in the morning only . He was up till midnight a couple work nights and we figured out it was him taking Fulvic at dinner that did it . He said when he takes it his body says yay more please !!

Carrie S.


“The stress did not cause a flare which is huge!”

Adv. Fulvic acid is rocking my world!
I’m detoxing a lot. So while I feel pretty lousy from detox symptoms this is actually great news as I have Hasimotos and digestive issues. Today (tmi) there was a lot in the toilet like biofilm, candida, liver flukes, lots of stuff!!! I also am only getting up to go to the bathroom twice a night instead of 4 to 7 times, which is huge!

Also this week has been incredibly stressful. Normally this cause my Hashimoto’s to flare and I would really be a mess. While I feel some chronic pain and fatigue from the detoxing it is different from what stress would usually cause. So basically the stress did not cause a flare which is huge!
I have been taking another brand of fulvic acid for a month with no noticable improvement, I switched to Coseva advanced a week ago and am having major results!

I have taken TRS for several years.

Mindy L.


“Academically, he has been more “with it” than before!”

It has been almost a week now since I started our family of three and I wanted to share my fulvic acid review. We have been on TRS for several years, athough lately it had been off and on and didn’t really keep up with it. But we are back in fully committed daily sprays and 10 drops of fulvic per person.

Wow! I have to say what a difference it has made in my son! My son is 9 1/2 years old with high functioning ASD and ADHD. He also tends to have these rough patches of eczema on his four extensions before we started using TRS several years ago. And when we were using TRS diligently, the eczema subsided until we fell out of the routine several months ago.

Just over the last couple of days using both TRS and fulvic acid, I have noticed the eczema subsided very quickly. And academically, he has been more “with it” than before! I can’t really pinpoint exactly what became better, but I just feel that he is more responsive to my questions and participate in our homeschooling much more.

Ann B


” Wonderful to have our brains back”

*Update:* We have used TRS now for 30 months. At 70 and 71, we’re still noticing continued shifts toward wellness. TRS (and now fulvic acid) has allowed our immune systems to heal themselves and stand up to all the sickness out there. Plus, it’s wonderful to have our brains back when we felt we were so close to losing them!

Jackie L


“Two immediate gains”

TRS helped me with my brain fog issues. I recently started taking Advanced Fulvic and the two immediate gains I have noticed so far are increased energy and more frequent BMs(sorry TMI) but this is huge for me because I’ve always had a slower digestive system and have dealt with constipation issues most of my life.

Haley M


“Her compulsive behavior has improved”

We are on day 9 with Advanced Fulvic.

My 9 year old takes 5 drops a day. She is my OCD, sensory processing, severe aniexty child. Since starting the fulvic acid it has helped her constipation issue. She has gone to the bathroom everyday. Her compulsive behavior has improved. She has more energy during the day and is sleeping better at night. She would meltdown at least 10 times a day and now maybe she has 2 meltdowns.

My 12 year old takes 8 drops. She has been having severe stomach issues. Her stomach pain has gotten better. She went from complaining all day to it only hurting a little bit after dinner. She usuly just lays around reading or playing on her computer. She has been getting up and going outside to play. She had been craving vegetables which is huge because she is my kid that wants salty snacks.

Brittany F


“I feel more aerodynamic”

Stuff really worked well for detoxification thank you!!
I was on ph 9 plus water vinegar apple cider beofre and I did two big drinks of your fulvic acid and I think I’m good. I feel more aerodynamic is what I’m saying.

Eddie E


“I just passed loads of candida!”

I have been taking  TRS for a while and I only take it for maintenance here and there now. I just started taking Advanced Fulvic . I had a lot of fatigue symptoms, which I felt was connected to my gut. I did have good improvements in my bowel movements and over-all bowel health I feel. Today I started TRS with Advanced Fulvic and a few hours later I passed loads of candida!! I have never experienced that before. Not that much! I feel so wonderful today, All symptoms I was experiencing is gone and I feel better than before! This stuff works!

– Anonymous- Customer since 2018


“Immediately felt something good!”

Here’s my fulvic acid review. So I took one full dropper of coseva‘s Advanced fulvic and immediately felt something good.  I am shocked. My arms felt alive, like it’s moving through my arms. Then a bit later I just started opening up and just started talking. When I’m really relaxed  that’s what happens.

– Brad S –


“Dropped 3 lbs since just recently starting”

I dropped 3 lbs since just recently starting Advanced Fulvic, crazy. My skin looks more balanced and smoother, love it!

– Tanya –


“Finally tried putting a drop of Fulvic acid on it”

I have a nail that’s discolored with a nail fungus. I have been using all sorts of remedies on it for a long time. It keeps it from getting gross looking, but won’t totally clear up. I finally tried putting a drop of Fulvic acid on it a couple times a week. That makes it look worse because the fulvic acid makes it look like dirt. Lol.

But I noticed today that there is totally pink and healthy nail growing out now. I can’t wait until it’s all clear.

– Anonymous – Coseva customer since 2018

Advanced Fulvic


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