How to detox your brain

How to Detox Your Brain? TRS is Sure Simple yet the Best Way

The brain is the most sophisticated tool ever created by nature. Because of this advanced machinery, a human being is the most advanced creature ruling on planet earth. With the help of this brain, we can do miracles. And the same goes the other way. If this brain gets affected, the roller coaster of our decline sets in. Like any other machine, when polluted begins to malfunction, and so is with our brain. What do you do when your organ (like the liver) gets contaminated? You go for detox, right? Let’s explore how to detox your brain if it gets contaminated. 

Brain detox benefits 

We will explore the “how” in a while but let’s discuss the “why” part first. Your brain manages the functions of your entire body. What it means then is your whole health is dependent on your brain. Let’s say if your eye is contaminated, you may not see clearly. But when your brain loads with toxicity, your whole health is on the decline. So, isn’t it most important that you take a step for your brain detox?  Following are the benefits you reap from brain detox. 

  • Radical improvement in your cognitive function 
  • Better mood 
  • Lowered stress 
  • Elevated levels of energy 
  • Lowered depression and anxiety 
  • Low risk for certain health conditions 

Symptoms of brain toxicity 

A brain detox is also known as a “brain cleanse,” which helps us elevate brain functions. People who experienced the following symptoms generally tend to notice a great deal of improvements in the symptoms after detoxing.

  • Brain fog 
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Poor recall 
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety 

How to detox your brain?

Now comes the how part, how to detox your brain. In other words, how to remove neurotoxins from the brain. For the “how part,” we have a powerful supplement to help you in your detox journey. Any guesses? 

It is known as TRS. 

How does TRS detox the brain? 

In Advanced TRS, the zeolite minerals are suspended in the water, which makes it a mineral water colloid. In such a suspension, the tiny zeolites can travel throughout the body everywhere, even deep into the brain. Here, zeolites remove neurotoxins at the cellular level.  

Zeolites travel along with the cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain, due to which these tiny particles are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and cleanse the system effectively. The lymphatic system is linked with the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and the glymphatic system, and this linkage helps in flushing out wastes from the brain.

Here, the graphic displays the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the blood-brain barrier. 

The role of the glymphatic system

What is unique about the central nervous system is it lacks the lymphatic vessels to aid in the evacuation of interstitial metabolic wastes. Current studies have disclosed the presence of a glymphatic system. A glymphatic system is a perivascular network that carries out a pseudo-lymphatic function in the brain and is dependent on glial cells. 

Inside the glymphatic pathway, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) enters the brain through periarterial spaces. Then it flows into the interstitium through aquaporin-4. Lastly, it drives the perivenous outflow of interstitial fluid and its solute.  

The role of the glymphatic system is vital, and with the help of TRS, it can do wonders for your brain cleanse. 

Interaction of glymphatic system and blood-brain barrier 

Within the glymphatic system, interstitial fluid is exchanged with the cerebrospinal fluid. Glymphatic drainage clears the solutes from the interstitial spaces. The blood-brain barrier and the glymphatic system are complementary to each other. Together, they provide a well-conditioned neural environment. 

But the disruption of these mechanisms can cause the accumulation of toxins and can lead to neurodegenerative disorders. In such a case, the Advanced TRS can help these systems to get rid of harmful toxins and restore the well-conditioned neural environment. 

Clinical trials demonstrate clinoptilolite zeolites detoxify the brain

Many positive effects on animal and human health are recorded for clinoptilolite-based materials. Because of its extraordinary ion exchange and absorption capacity and subsequent detoxifying effects, it has been confirmed beneficial for eliminating toxins from the body. 

In one study, rats were exposed to organophosphate poisoning. A zeolite tuff having 61% of clinoptilolite added five minutes earlier to intoxication at the measurement of 1g/kg tested beneficial in the restoration of cholinesterase activity in the brain, spleen, and liver.

Mice intoxicated with lead when given clinoptilolite supplementation had a protective effect on the brain tissue. The clinoptilolite induced the antioxidant mechanism and higher activity levels of catalase, SOD, and glutathione peroxidase. 


Get full support on your detox journey

Bottom line

A lot of people ask how to detox your brain naturally, or in other words, how to detox your nervous system naturally. The answer is TRS. TRS doesn’t only help in cleaning your brain from toxic substances but also awakens the already present natural detoxing systems to work more efficiently.

Among the huge number of supplements to detox brain, there is no one on the level of Advanced TRS. It is by far the most efficient and risk-free supplement you can have for your brain detox. Figuratively

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Customer Testimonial

I’ve been in treatment for 22 years for Lyme and co infections. I’ve been with Dr. H for at least 7 years and couldn’t get over 35% until TRS. I’m just finishing my second bottle and one of my greatest gains has been the brain fog! It’s helping like nothing in all these years of treatment has. Some people might not understand the significance this is to me, but it’s life changing. I have more energy and am able to get out of bed more so I can grab my walker and go for walks again.

Amber Stone, a complete stranger reached out to me and listened to me. She was a life saver, literally. I felt like I was dying before she contacted me. She was there for me when my husband was so overwhelmed by how to help me. My many doctors were stumped. She encouraged me and was very understanding. I believe she gave me the courage to not give up and to keep fighting. I cannot thank her enough.

Jan C

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