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Our goal is to support individuals and families through safe detoxing to improve their quality of life and reduce the burden of toxins on health for all of us.


TRS facebook support group

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Your membership in our private FB group is included with your purchase.

After your purchase, you will receive an invite via email to our FB group where you can share and learn from others on their TRS journey as well. You will also be able to invite friends and family members that you want to share the experience with. 

Once you have received the invite: please take a moment to answer ALL 3 questions when joining.  

Already an existing TRS customer? Please contact me and include your Coseva ID or order #number to inquire to join the private TRS Detox Support group.


TRS is unique among detoxes.  The zeolites are perfectly designed to be in the nanometer range and encased in water molecule clusters. This means that while other zeolite sprays and powders stay in the digestive system, TRS can



I’m sure you have many questions and I hope we have the answer to every one of them. Please visit our FAQ page for the ones that are asked most of the time and feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have.



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