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How to Overcome Mold Symptoms: The best Mold Protocol’s Positive Impact

In the shadows of our homes and workplaces lurks a menace that often goes unnoticed, yet its presence can wreak havoc on our health and well-being. Mold, the insidious intruder, silently spreads its spores, causing many alarming mold symptoms and health concerns for unsuspecting victims. As we breathe the air around us, little do we know that the invisible assailant may be taking residence in our lungs, triggering respiratory distress, allergies, and even more sinister consequences.

Recognizing Mold Exposure

To identify potential mold exposure, watch out for these mold symptoms:

  • Joint pain and morning stiffness
  • Vertigo and feeling lightheaded
  • Tingling sensations and numbness in the skin
  • Fluctuating appetite and body temperature regulation
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased thirst and urinary frequency
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Disorientation, metallic taste in the mouth, and static shocks
  • Abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea
  • Headache and light sensitivity
  • Red eyes, blurred vision, mood swings, and sharp pains
  • Memory difficulties and trouble finding words
  • Respiratory issues like shortness of breath and chronic cough

Discover relief from stubborn mold symptoms as the mold protocol helps you conquer fatigue, respiratory distress, and other health issues caused by mold exposure.

Checklist for Mold Exposure or Sensitivity (from the EHC website)

To help readers identify potential mold exposure or sensitivity, here’s a simple checklist:

  1. Do you find musty odors bothersome in your living or working spaces?
  1. Have you ever lived or worked in a building where the air vents or ceiling tiles appeared discolored?
  1. Have you noticed signs of water damage or discoloration in other areas of your indoor environment?
  1. Has your home ever experienced flooding?
  1. Have you encountered roof leaks in your living space?
  1. Do you experience unusual shortness of breath without any apparent cause?
  1. Do you suffer from recurring sinus infections?
  1. Do you frequently experience respiratory infections and persistent coughing?
  1. Do you often exhibit flu-like symptoms without any obvious illness?
  1. Do your symptoms tend to worsen on rainy days or in certain environments?
  1. Do you frequently suffer from headaches?
  1. Do you often experience fatigue along with skin rashes?


But why fear when we are here?

Join us as we unveil the startling truth about mold, its cunning ability to infiltrate our spaces, and the urgent steps we must take to defend ourselves against this unsettling foe.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”      Buddha

Now, to help you relax and throw your fear away, let’s start by discussing how to protect yourself from mold and its symptoms. We will get into the other details later. 

How TRS Helps you protect against mold and mold symptoms 

Welcome to a transformative journey as we unveil the power of the mold protocol, guiding you through the path of renewed well-being. 

An Analogy

Imagine TRS as a superhero team that protects our bodies from harmful mycotoxins, which are like sneaky villains. Here’s how TRS detox spray works in simple terms:

Superhero Team (TRS) Formation: TRS is made up of tiny, natural compounds that join together like a team of superheroes.

Identifying the Villains (Mycotoxins): Mycotoxins are like sneaky villains hiding in our food. TRS superheroes have a special power to find and recognize these bad guys.

Superhero-Villain Encounter (Binding): When the superheroes meet the mycotoxins, they join hands with them and create a strong bond, like friends holding hands.

Disarming the Villains (Neutralization): By forming this bond, TRS superheroes neutralize the mycotoxins’ harmful powers, making them harmless, just like taking away the villains’ weapons.

Safe Escort Out of the Body (Elimination): Now that the mycotoxins are disarmed, the superhero team safely escorts them out of the body, like sending them far away from our home.

Ensuring Safety: With TRS superheroes around, we can enjoy our food without worrying about harmful mycotoxins causing trouble. They keep us safe and healthy!

In summary, TRS superheroes join forces, find the sneaky mycotoxin villains, disarm them by forming strong bonds, and safely escort them out of their bodies. This way, TRS heavy metal detox ensures that harmful mycotoxins don’t cause any harm to us, and our food stays safe to eat!


Client success stories

Before starting TRS, I didn’t even realize that my son’s issues with emotional regulation, clinginess and even tantrums were toxin related. After an elevated lead test and starting TRS, we realized that lead as well as other toxins and metals had been affecting him and his behaviors dramatically improved. The out of control tantrums with head banging faded and never returned once we began using TRS. So so grateful to have found TRS!

– Darija W –

When I say this stuff is changing our lives, I really mean it y’all! A month in and I’m totally weaned off of my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications! I also haven’t needed sleeping medication that I’ve depended on for over 5 years.

My sweet daughter’s eczema is healing through TRS this week! SUCH AMAZING GAINS this week!! Clear improvements from spraying orally, and not even a full week of me spraying it directly on her face.

– Zane A –

I have high blood pressure and sugar diabetes, I have been taking TRS religiously for 2 1/2 weeks. I have always been on blood pressure pills and I’m normally 90/200 while taking them. Today 80/132! And my sugar diabetes is usually in the range from 162 to 200 while taking Metformin, I’m truly mind blown that it is at 100 today! Even after I had cereal, and sugarless cookies today.

I think my sugar diabetes just keeps getting better and better! I can’t get over this!

– Debbie R –

Advanced TRS- Advanced Fulvic- Advanced CBD

The Science of Advanced TRS (Targeted Nutritional Technology)

Introduction to Advanced TRS

Coseva’s TRS detox (Targeted Nutritional Technology) is a unique and innovative approach to supporting our body’s natural detoxification processes. 

It utilizes a specific type of mineral known as zeolite, which has powerful properties that help capture and remove harmful toxins from our system. Let’s delve into the science behind Advanced TRS heavy metal detox spray straightforwardly.

1. Zeolite – The Detox Superhero

Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals formed from volcanic ash and seawater. They have a unique microporous structure, resembling a honeycomb, with negatively charged particles.

These negative charges attract and trap positively charged toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in the body. It’s like a molecular-level magnet for toxins.

2. Nano-Sized Zeolites – Amplifying the Detox Power

Coseva’s TRS detox uses nano-sized zeolites, which means they are incredibly small (about 0.9 nanometers in diameter). This nanometer-sized structure allows zeolites to enter the bloodstream and reach all parts of the body.

Due to their tiny size, nano-zeolites can cross the blood-brain barrier, which is a protective layer around the brain. This is essential because harmful substances can accumulate in the brain and cause damage if not eliminated.

3. Gentle and Non-Invasive

Coseva’s TRS detox is designed to be gentle on the body. It doesn’t force the toxins out, but rather attracts and captures them. Once trapped, the body can safely remove the zeolite-toxin complex through natural elimination processes.

Unlike some harsh detox methods, Advanced TRS heavy metal detox doesn’t deplete essential minerals from the body or disturb the gut.

4. Supporting Cellular Health

By removing toxins, Advanced TRS supports cellular health and function. Toxins can disrupt cellular processes and lead to various health issues. Eliminating them can contribute to overall well-being.

5. Third-Party Testing and Safety

Coseva’s TRS detox undergoes rigorous third-party testing to ensure its safety and efficacy. This testing verifies the absence of contaminants and confirms the purity of the zeolite used in the product.

6. Complementing a Healthy Lifestyle

TRS detox spray is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but it can be a valuable addition to support our body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

Eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, regular exercise, and managing stress remain crucial for overall well-being.

The mold protocol offers a comprehensive detoxification method, binding mold toxins permanently and empowering your body’s natural healing abilities.

Research Studies That Prove TRS is Effective and Safe 

The study linked here provides evidence that zeolites found in Coseva’s TRS detox have been utilized in agriculture to assist in the elimination of mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin, from milk.

This study highlights the concerns regarding mycotoxin exposure during pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of reducing toxins. It suggests that the ability to decrease toxins, like those found in TRS heavy metal detox spray, can be highly beneficial in mitigating potential risks associated with mycotoxin exposure during pregnancy.

Why mold symptoms and its toxicity a huge problem 

Testimonial: Kristy B’s Healing Journey with TRS

“I’m six months into using Coseva’s TRS detox, and it has been a life-changing experience. I had toxic black mold poisoning and went through a nightmare I didn’t think I’d survive. TRS has addressed all my health issues, allowing me to stop taking antidepressants after 35 years. My energy is back, and I’m free from depression. Despite diagnoses of bipolar disorder, PTSD, Tardive Dyskinesia, manic depression, and fibromyalgia, TRS has transformed my life.

Before TRS detox spray, I struggled as a recovered meth addict of 9 years, but now I feel rejuvenated. I’ve noticed metallic specks in my urine, passed parasites and liver flukes, and experienced detoxification in my bronchial passages. My hair, which fell out due to toxicity, is growing back nicely.

At 54, disabled since I was 42, TRS has given me a newfound sense of life. My tonsils have shrunk, and I no longer gasp at night, avoiding the need for a sleep apnea test. Poisonous substances that once plagued my body are now dissipating thanks to TRS heavy metal detox spray.

My body and mind are healing, and I’m realizing this is not a life sentence. I no longer bruise easily, and I’m even weaning myself off smoking, as the desire to quit emerges. Skin tags on my neck dried up and crumbled off, and the same happened with one on my breast.

TRS has been my lifeline, and I’m getting back the life I lost over the years. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m filled with gratitude for the transformative power of Coseva’s TRS detox.”

-Kristy B.

Understanding Mold Toxins and Their Effects

Mold, a common household intruder, may seem harmless at first glance, but it conceals a dark secret – the production of acidic toxic byproducts that can wreak havoc on our bodies. Understanding the impact of mold toxins is crucial in safeguarding our health and well-being.

Mold’s Production of Acidic Toxic Byproducts

When mold finds a cozy spot to thrive in our homes, it starts releasing tiny, invisible particles known as mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are acidic and can pose a serious threat to our health when they come into contact with our bodies. Upon exposure, these toxic byproducts can trigger inflammation, and allergies, and even compromise our immune system’s ability to defend us.

Potential Health Risks of Mold Toxins

The potential health risks associated with mold toxins are far-reaching and concerning. Inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact with these toxic byproducts can lead to a range of adverse effects. Common symptoms of mold toxicity include respiratory distress, skin rashes, cognitive issues, and fatigue. In more severe cases, mold exposure has been linked to chronic conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

The Connection Between Mold Toxins and Yeast-Related Issues

Intriguingly, mold toxins also exhibit a close link to yeast-related problems. Yeast, a type of fungus, produces mycotoxins that are similar to those released by molds. Hence, individuals dealing with yeast issues may experience heightened sensitivity to mold toxins, exacerbating their symptoms. 

To learn more about this, click here.  

Mold toxicity poses a serious health concern, but with the mold protocol, we address the root cause and combat the dangers it poses to our bodies.

Mold Symptoms and Toxicity

Mold symptoms and toxicity are serious health concerns that often stem from our indoor environments. Understanding the connection between water-damaged spaces and mold exposure is crucial to safeguarding our well-being and identifying potential risks.

The Connection Between Water-Damaged Indoor Environments and Mold Exposure

Water damage in indoor spaces creates a breeding ground for mold growth. Whether it’s due to leaks, flooding, or high humidity levels, these damp conditions offer an ideal environment for mold to flourish. Once mold sets its roots, it releases spores and mycotoxins into the air, posing a threat to anyone within its vicinity. Therefore, buildings or areas with a history of water damage are at an increased risk of mold infestation, leading to potential health hazards for occupants.

Common Types of Indoor Molds and Their Associated Health Risks

Several types of mold commonly found indoors can pose health risks to individuals. Some of the most prevalent indoor molds include Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus. Stachybotrys chartarum, often referred to as “toxic black mold,” is particularly concerning due to its greenish-black appearance and the production of mycotoxins. Each mold type may trigger various health issues, such as respiratory problems, skin irritations, and allergies, and even exacerbate existing conditions like asthma.

Treatment and Solutions

If you suspect mold exposure, take these steps:

  • Leave the contaminated environment immediately and avoid porous items from that area.
  • Consider using Coseva’s TRS detox (Toxin Removal System) to remove mycotoxins and reduce the body’s toxin and metal load.
  • Ensure normal bowel function and avoid constipation while using TRS detox spray.
  • Enhance detoxification with supplements like liposomal glutathione, milk thistle, n-acetylcysteine, and other nutrients that support methylation.
  • Be cautious with mycotoxin-containing foods, such as corn, wheat, peanuts, some cheeses, and alcoholic beverages.


In the face of mold symptoms and toxicity, hope emerges through the extraordinary potential of Advanced TRS. Understanding the dangers of mold exposure empowers us to take action and protect our well-being. With Advanced TRS heavy metal detox, we find a safe and effective solution to permanently bind mold toxins, offering relief to those seeking a healthier life. 

The inspiring journey of individuals like Kristy B serves as a testament to the transformative power of this detox method. Embrace the freedom from mold’s grip and step confidently into a brighter future, empowered by the transformative potential of the mold protocol.


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