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Coseva’s Advanced CBD Spray novel formulation reacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system at a molecular level to help promote balance and well being. By using nano-technology to more efficiently deliver cannabinoids, terpenes, and the other beneficial chemicals found in CBD directly to the body’s cells, Coseva’s Advanced CBD spray improves upon nature to create an improved product that is cleaner, faster acting, and more effective.


The Science of Advanced CBD Spray

The endocannabinoid system is a complex network of receptors in the human body that are responsible for regulating many physiological and cognitive processes. This system plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis, or balance, throughout our bodies by controlling pain response, moods, sleep cycles, appetite and more.

The cannabinoids in CBD may mimic natural chemical processes within this system, influencing CB1 and CB2 receptors on cells throughout the body and brain, which play an important role in regulating inflammation and reducing stress-induced cortisol release.

Coseva’s Advanced CBD spray improves upon regular CBD’s natural characteristics in 3 important ways.

First, Coseva uses gentle, natural processes to break CBD down to the ideal nano-particle size for maximum absorption and bioavailability. While normal CBD products suffer from low rates of absorption, Advanced CBDs nano-particle size allows for both ultra-fast absorption and maximum bioavailability, delivering deeper benefits that can be felt almost immediately.

Second, the nano-sized particles in Advanced CBD spray are encapsulated in a protective, natural polymer layer which makes them resistant to stomach acid (where 90% of the CBD content of other products are destroyed) and improves the cellular delivery system to make sure that the particles can more effectively pass through cellular walls at the receptor sites. This encapsulation process not only further improves cellular absorption rates, but also greatly reduces the “hempy” taste that many people find unpleasant in other CBD products.

Third, the nano-CBD particles become “water soluble,” meaning that they can be readily absorbed in water and can therefore easily move throughout the various system of the body (which are made up of between 64% and 83% water), unlike the oil-based particles found in most CBD formulations.

Broad Spectrum Benefits with 0% THC

Coseva’s Advanced CBD spray is a “broad spectrum” formulation, which means it naturally contains most of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids extracted from the hemp plant, with the exception of psychoactive THC, which has been removed.

As opposed to CBD “isolate” formulations (which remove many beneficial parts of the extracted hemp oil), and “full spectrum” formulas (which include THC and may cause unwanted side effects), Coseva’s “broad-spectrum” approach means you can feel confident in knowing your body is getting everything it needs while minimizing any potentially harmful or unnecessary side effects.

Coseva’s Advanced CBD spray promises to always have 0% THC content (defined as being undetectable using typical analytical methods). 


Promote Balance for Body & Mind

CBD is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant, which has been used for thousands of years to promote a sense of wellness and balance.

Today, millions of users across the globe use CBD, as in some cases it may:

  • Reduce Stress (Without a “High”)
  • Promote a Sense of Calm & Wellbeing
  • Soothe Aches and Discomfort
  • Support Healthy Immune Response
  • Improve Sleep Quality

By applying proprietary nanotechnology processes, Coseva enhances CBDs natural effects to deliver a sprayable product that is:

  • 5-10x More Potent than Regular CBD
  • Broad Spectrum, Containing Beneficial Terpenes, but 0% THC (defined as being undetectable using typical analytical methods).
  • Ultra-pure and Contaminant-Free
  • Non-GMO, US Grown, and 100% Organically Grown
  • Great Tasting (Reduced “Hempy” Taste)

Coseva’s innovative Advanced CBD spray is truly a next-gen CBD product, maximizing purity and bioavailability while reducing some of CBD’s traditional drawbacks.


Use daily.

Take 2 sprays in the morning and 3 sprays in the evening by mouth.


Coseva always recommends that the individual consult with their physician before beginning use of any new product and to advise their physician of the use of any and all health or wellness products.

Advanced CBD spray is not medicine. Coseva does not engage in the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. Coseva cannot recommend specific uses for Advanced CBD, other than in assisting the body in its normal healthy processes.

KEEP bottles OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use if tamper evident seal is broken. Store at controlled room temperature (59°-86° F). Avoid excessive heat and humidity.

  • CBD – Broad Spectrum Hemp (0 mg THC): 20mg per serving

Other Ingredients: ultra-pure water, medium chain triglyceride oil (coconut), organic stevia leaf extract, organic sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, natural preservatives (sodium propionate, potassium sorbate, citric acid).

  • 0% THC**

*Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, tree nuts, and egg.

** 0% THC defined as being undetectable using typical analytical methods



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