My Alibi® Concealer + Eye Primer instantly helps to conceal blemishes and dark circles while smoothing the appearance of the skin. This high-coverage concealer doubles as an eye primer, delivering enhanced eyeshadow pigment that stays in place all day long!

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To conceal: My Alibi® Concealer + Eye Primer can be applied underneath or over your Beautifully Flawless Foundation. Pick up a small amount of Concealer on a Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush (No. 6 or No. 7). Gently apply using dabbing motions underneath the eyes, areas of discoloration, or blemishes. Use a mix of a brush and the warmth of your finger to melt the concealer into your skin. If additional coverage is needed, build thin layers by adding as you go. Be sure to blend with each additional layer.

To use as eye primer: Apply a thin layer using the No. 6 brush or the warmth of your finger. Set with a neutral eyeshadow or our #Nofilter Translucent Finishing Powder.


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