doTerra Calmer EO


Provide your children with a peaceful environment and experience with the help of calmer oil. Calmer oil is one of the unique products of doTerra that is the combination of some great oils like Lavender, Buddha wood, Cananda oils. 

Aromatic Description → Sweet, Floral, Soft woody


  • Uplifts our mood 
  • Bring peace and calmness 
  • Improves deep sleep
  • Aromatic experience 
  • Relaxes the mind and body





Calmer oil is the best way to ease the mental stress of your children and give them peace of mind at any moment. 

We often think that children have no issues with stress because they have no responsibilities. 

Well, this is true that children don’t have responsibilities, but they have stress. And especially in the modern world, children are suffering a lot from stress. 

They may get a lot of homework. They may have social stress and tension to perform well.

So, these problems of children start fading when they are exposed to the calmer oil. 


What exactly is calmer oil? 

Calmer oil is one of the finest essential oils of the doTerra, specially designed for kids (though only one can use it). It is the blend of some of the top-performing essential oils. 

The soothing properties of the Lavender, Buddha wood, and Cananga combine to give a unique Calmer oil that provides us the calm of its own kind.


Main ingredients 

Following are the main ingredients that combine to create calmer oil. 

  • Lavender 
  • Buddha Wood 
  • Cananga
  • Chamomile 
  • The base of fractionated coconut oil 

Aromatic description 

  • Sweet
  • Floral
  • Soft woody 


Health benefits of the calmer oil 

Calms the nervous system 

Calmer oil soothes the nervous system helping in providing calmness to our physical and mental state. 

Improves mood

Calmer oil helps to improve your mood and stay calm and collected. 

Reduces stress

Calmer oil helps a lot to get rid of stress and tension. 

Boost to the immune system

We know that stress weakens our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to potential diseases. 

Calmer oil boosts our immunity by lowering stress and anxiety. 

Helps us focus 

Our monkey mind wanders around every time, and we find it hard to focus on one particular task. 

Calmer oil helps us focus better on our tasks because it slows down the useless activities of our monkey mind. 

Facilitates sleep 

Calmer oil helps us fall asleep quickly and have a deep sleep as it creates a peaceful environment.


Directions for use 

Topical use →  Take few drops of calmer oil in your palm and apply to the desired area

Aromatic use →  Roll on calmer oil to the diffusion jewelry or natural dolomite


Important note 

Calmer is an essential oil, and it is highly concentrated like any other. Avoid excessive topical application of calmer oil at a time. 



  • Avoid contact with sensitive areas like eyes 
  • If you are under doctor care, consult your physician before using calmer oil 
  • Keep it out of the reach of children who are under 3 years of age. 


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