Discover your genetic variations in an easy and most affordable way with the MaxGen lab testing at the comfort of your home. Mutations like an MTHFR that can be destructive in the long term for your body can be easily determined with the MaxGen lab test. 

The process is so simple:

  • Order the test kit 
  • Do a swab cheek test
  • Mail the sample to the MaxGen lab
  • Get the comprehensive report of your test sample

Benefits of MaxGen 

  • Comprehensive report
  • Most affordable test
  • Protects your data




The mutation in your MTHFR gene can lead to some serious health issues. Most people do not know that they have this mutation. 

So let yourself know about this issue as early as possible. Try out the MaxGen labs for the MTHFR test to get a detailed report of everything you want to know about your genetic makeup. 

MTHFR mutation test

Every person has two MTHFR genes. One is received from the mother and the other one from the father. The change is likely to occur in one or both genes. 

The purpose of the MTHFR test is to look for variations in these genes. These variants are C677T and 1298C. 

What does a healthy MTHFR gene do?

There is a chemical in your body called homocysteine, an amino acid that helps in making proteins. 

The MTHFR helps in breaking down homocysteine. The folic acid and vitamin B complex play a good role in the breakdown of homocysteine and convert it into some other types of useful substances for the body. 

Normally, there is a very little amount of homocysteine circulation in the blood. But, when there is a mutation in the MTHFR gene, it does not function correctly, leading to elevated levels of the homocysteines in the body. 

Why is the MTHFR mutation test important? 

As we know, the mutation in the MTHFR leads to the accumulation of the homocysteine in the blood, which leads to many problems. 

Here are some of the problems you face when you have mutant MTHFR genes. 

  • HOMOCYSTINURIA → It is a disorder that affects cognition, eyes, and the ability of the joints to function.
  • High levels of homocysteine boost the risks of strokes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. 


Furthermore, women with MTHFR mutation may give birth to babies having one of the following defects. 

  • Anencephaly → is a disorder in which parts of the skull or brain may be missing or malformed.
  • Spina bifida → is also a neural tube defect in which the spinal cord is not completely covered by the spine’s bones.


When you test yourself for MTHFR, you get to know if you have the mutation or not. If you have the mutation, you can get supplements to help you deal with these complications. 


When to get tested for the MTHFR mutation? 

You should test yourself for MTHFR if:

  • A close relative has diagnosed or was diagnosed with the MTHFR variation 
  • If your blood test shows high levels of homocysteine than normal
  • Your family members have a history of premature heart disorders or thrombosis

MaxGen lab for MTHFR testing 

The best way to test yourself for the MTHFR mutation is to use MaxGen lab testing. You don’t have to visit the hospital or clinic as you can do it in your home by ordering the testing kit. 

Easy process  

You can easily test yourself for the MTHFR mutation with an easy and simple process.

  • Order the MaxFunction testing kit at your home from the MaxGen lab
  • Take the simple and easy non-invasive cheek swab test
  • Just mail your sample back to the MaxGen lab
  • The MaxGen lab will provide you with a comprehensive report of your mutations and the way to address them.


What to expect to see in your test report?

  • Folate
  • Vitamin B 
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin A 
  • Fish oil 
  • Choline

Your MaxGen test will show if your body is sensitive to these substances. In addition, it will also show whether your body needs supplementation with these or not.

You would know many things related to your body

  • Your body’s response to inflammation 
  • Estrogen metabolism 
  • How your body responds to stress
  • Glutathione (an antioxidant) production and recycling 
  • Genetic expression 
  • Repairment of DNA 
  • Your body’s energy and its overall production 
  • Cell damage due to free radicals 
  • Repairment of cells 
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Brain chemistry and its balance 
  • Detoxification of heavy metals 

This MaxGen test includes MTHFR, CBS, MAOA, COMT, and other methylation SNPs as well.


Why the MaxGen lab test?

Following are some of the reasons why you should go for MaxGen tests instead of others.

Protects your data

With MaxGen tests, Your data is safe and secure. It is not shared with third parties, and unlike others, it is destroyed after your process is completed. 

Comprehensive report

Detailed report with the much appropriate SNPs in compliance with modern research.

Easy to read

The report is simple, easy to read, and can be understood easily. Any doctor can help by utilizing the info in the report without genetic expertise.


It is cost-effective as compared to the others.



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