Toxins in Breastmilk

Distressed About Toxins In Breastmilk? TRS Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think


Although toxins are disastrous for anybody’s health, they become a bigger issue for pregnant women because they can damage the health of the baby as well. If you are distressed about the toxins in your breastmilk, do not worry because clinoptilolite zeolite (which is what TRS is) can be more beneficial than you think. The following discussion is going to reveal how safe and beneficial the TRS is for pregnant and nursing women.


Passing down toxins

When observed, risky and unhealthy chemicals got detected in the umbilical cord (placenta), cord blood and meconium. Apart from this, when breastmilk samples were tested, hazardous chemicals were there as well. 

Although such transmission of risky chemicals through the umbilical cord to cold blood from the mother is strictly prohibitive, it sometimes occurs, putting the baby’s health at a huge risk. Toxic substances like mercury (a heavy metal) and dioxin (and industrial toxin) pile up in adipose tissues because they are lipophilic. 

Now, this storage of mercury and dioxin is extremely dangerous because for preparing milk fat for breastmilk the mammary gland prepares milk fat from the fatty acids driven from the adipose tissue of the mother.


Is TRS safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

TRS is much safer than you think. It has no risk involved in its use, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Many experts suggest that TRS is not only safe, but it is actually quite beneficial as well. You can use TRS in both lactation and gestation without having any fear and worry.

Why TRS is safe

TRS is safe because of the following reasons.

After the removal of toxins, there is no chance of dropping or shaking loose of toxins due to the presence of clinoptilolite zeolites in the TRS.

TRS prevents the redistribution of toxins in the body, hence helps in the prevention of key organs like the liver and kidney from toxins. This hindrance of redistribution of toxins also aids in preventing your baby’s health.

Zeolites are indestructible. This property makes it more reliable to use and reduces the chances of redistribution of toxins.

Many animal studies were conducted, which clearly showed that during gestation and lactation, the use of clinoptilolite supplements is actually beneficial to produce good quality breastmilk.

The structure of zeolite was examined and found to be biologically neutral and completely non-toxic.

EFSA is also of the view that natural clinoptilolite is non-toxic and safe to use in vivo. They tested zeolites for the consumption portion of 10000mg/kg for animal feed and found them completely non-toxic and non-risky for vivo applications. EFSA was of the view that due to significant chemical stability, the zeolites are completely non-risky for applications in vivo.

The experts ran a test on mice and found that the intake of clinoptilolite was well-endured. This was proved by the unaltered body mass of the mice supplemented with clinoptilolite. After further testing, only 20% of potassium was found in the body of those mice, but no changes in serum were there. And not only this, platelets, white blood cells, haemoglobin levels were not affected as well.

Based on the observed effects of tumor-bearing mice, the experts contemplated that the effects may be in association with the immune response to supplementation or electrolyte balance. Ivkovic also proved the safe nature of clinoptilolite supplementation, where no negative reaction was observed in immunodeficient patients.

Research studies offer fascinating evidence on the positive medical effects of clinoptilolite zeolites, particularly on the detoxification and immune system. All the studies conducted so far confirmed that clinoptilolite zeolites are completely safe to use.


More beneficial properties of clinoptilolite in vivo

Improves memory

Research shows that clinoptilolite zeolite has a significant impact on short term, midterm and long term memory. The clinoptilolite zeolite influenced all three aspects of the memory of the tested rates after the oral consumption of 5 to 12.5% of its amount.

The diet that contained 5% of the zeolites had a significant influence on the long term memory, while that containing 12.5% impacted short term memory.

Neuroprotective against lead toxicity

Lead is a heavy metal that can cause neurotoxicity on exposure to certain brain regions. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and clinoptilolite have been found helpful in dealing with lead to prevent neurotoxicity.

Lead increases the level of lipid peroxidation while clinoptilolite and EDTA lower that lipid peroxidation levels. It also recovers the damage caused to the activity levels of many enzymes when the peroxidation level was high.

The ability of EDTA and clinoptilolite to react quickly with peroxyl radicals makes them able to protect brain tissues against the toxicity of lead.


Reduced oxidative stress, improve growth performance and weight gain

An experiment was conducted where turkeys were given 1% to 2% zeolites in their diet, and the results were amazing. It was found that zeolites have increased the weight gain of turkeys and also have a significant positive effect on growth performance. Similarly, it was also found that the zeolites have reduced oxidative stress as well.


Reduce blood glucose level

Nano-sized clinoptilolite reduces blood glucose level and thus helps in treating diabetic patients having hyperglycemia. 

When diabetic rats were given nano-sized clinoptilolites, it introduced a hypoglycemic effect in them.


Studies in which clinoptilolite zeolite has improved the gestation/lactation outcomes


Effect of clinoptilolite in fluoride-intoxicated rats

When fluoride-intoxicated rats were given clinoptilolite in a study, an intriguing outcome was noticed. Fluoride is neurotoxic after it enters through the blood-brain barrier in the course of gestation and post-gestation time.

As a result, fluoride intoxication occurred due to which the level of lipid peroxidation elevated with the addition of inhibition of antioxidant enzymes. The oxidative damage was recovered along with the levels of GSH-Prx were also alleviated through the supplementation of clinoptilolite zeolites.

By keeping these results in mind, we can assume that clinoptilolite can battle fluoride intoxication in animals as well as humans.

The Fluoride anions are converted into hydro fluoride (a weak acid) in gastric juice, and then it can form a hydrogen bond with clinoptilolite. After forming a bond with the framework of clinoptilolite, it can be easily wiped out in stool from the body.

Effects of dietary inclusion of clinoptilolite on health status and reproductive performance of sows

A study was directed to see the effects of natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) on the health performance and reproduction of sows together with its correspondence with chlortetracycline (CTC). Both clinoptilolite and chlortetracycline were used at regular intervals in medication programs.

Surprisingly, no negative effects which were assigned to natural zeolites were seen in the study. Meaningful improvements occurred in the reproduction performance due to the inclusion of both clinoptilolite and CTC.

Clinoptilolite improves energy status, reproduction and milk yield

An experiment was conducted on dairy heifers to see how clinoptilolites affect reproductive efficiency, energy status and milk yield, and the results were positive.

Clinoptilolite significantly increased the milk yield, reproduction efficiency, and the energy status was also far better than normal.

Zeolite clinoptilolite and its veterinary importance

Many substances were tested to replace the antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in the past, and among all of them, zeolite clinoptilolite was the best one. Clinoptilolite provided some extraordinary results.

Clinoptilolite has the capacity to replace antibiotic growth promoters because of its amazing antibacterial characteristics. It is also risk-free and efficient to be used as a dietary supplement in animal foods.

Due to its immunostimulating, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, clinoptilolite is extensively used in animal biotechnology and veterinary medicines. In cattle production, it improves health, fertility as a novel feed additive.

 Improvement of sow’s milk with clinoptilolite zeolite supplementation

A study conducted on sows to see the effect of clinoptilolite supplementation in gestation and lactation proved that it had no adverse effects on the minerals and vitamins and improved the sow’s milk.

 Effects of clinoptilolite on serum and performance in dairy goats

An experiment was conducted on goats treated with clinoptilolite zeolite. It was found that goats treated with clinoptilolite were having higher birth weights of triplets and quadruplets along with a higher percentage of milk fats. In addition, no alteration in serum concentration was detected.

Effects of clinoptilolite on the liver, milk yield and ketosis of dairy cows

Cows fed with clinoptilolite for the long term showed only a few cases of ketosis, better milk yield and a perfect liver function.


Why you can rely on TRS detox during pregnancy and nursing

We all have heard people saying that it is highly risky to detox in pregnancy or nursing. They considered detoxification dangerous for pregnancy health and are of the view that it could affect the baby’s health because many toxins can end up inside the baby’s body.

But it is not the case with TRS since it has some unique characteristics that prevent such heath’s risks.

If you detoxify your body with a normal detox, it will just transfer those toxins from one part of the body to another. In the worst case, those toxins can go into your baby’s body via breastmilk.

What TRS does is that it securely encloses every toxin in its cage-like nano zeolite structure. And by doing so, now, even if some toxins pass into the body of your baby via breastmilk, it cannot harm your baby as all the toxins are safely enclosed by the nano zeolite structure.

TRS travels along the water in the body and goes anywhere where the water goes. During this travel, it encapsulates all the risky substances having positive charges like heavy metals. 



TRS is best to use during pregnancy and nursing because it is not only safe but highly beneficial as well. Cliptoliolite (TRS) aids in breastmilk hygiene and increases the brestmilk percentage.

Provide supplementation with zeolites as TRS can provide you with eggs having high omega-3 levels.

By using TRS, your child can have the #1breastmilk. If some toxins pass through the breastmilk to your child, they will not cause any harm to him because they will be encapsulated.

From the above discussion, we can say that TRS is definitely worth a try in pregnancy and nursing, and there is no risk involved in it. In fact, TRS is more beneficial than you think in such stages.