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Why is TRS so effective against Candidiasis?

Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes, she cleans them up.

Consider the fungi, the yeasts, even the candidiasis that forms around metal deposits, basically eating them up and breaking them down.  Candidiasis may seem like a nuisance and a bane to good health, but consider that it might actually be serving a purpose in your body…

Candidiasis and other forms of yeast/fungi are known to bioaccumulate metals, almost as though they “eat” them up. Candidasis has been clinically studied to see which metals it accumulates, and they have evidence that candida will consume pretty much any metal: from chromium, zinc, lead, copper, arsenic, and silver, to cobalt, mercury, and cadmium; candida will absorb and break down many toxic metals.

The candidiasis overgrowth in your digestive system may be sequestering and holding metals at bay, essentially keeping them from being absorbed by or lodged within your body’s cells. Since the bioaccumulation of almost any mineral or metal in the human body can be cytotoxic and/or neurotoxic, Candidiasis may actually be proving to be a more friendly companion than we had previously thought.  When our bodies are inundated with heavy metals, our digestive systems mount defensive measures, and one of those defenses against metals’ toxicity is Candidiasis… apparently!

So, when you use TRS to detox the chromium deposits from the intestinal walls, or the mercury and lead from the digestive system, then the candida naturally begins to starve and die off.  Many TRS users are surprised at how easily and quickly their bodies release candidiasis overgrowth, and now we know WHY Clinoptilolite detox works so well against yeast overgrowth. Removing the metals from the candida mass strips the yeast of its food, and the candidasis is easily sloughed off as a result. Overgrowth of candidiasis does not continue to form, and intestinal yeast is balanced as a result.  

And That’s how zeolites help to remove Candidiasis from the body! Thanks again, TRS!

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Were you under the impression that candidiasis eats sugar? So was I, but maybe it goes deeper than that! I just remembered how, after a year of TRS, the sugar I was adding to my coffee began tasting metallic to me, so I switched to maple syrup. So, I looked it up, & guess what is riddled with toxic metals?… refined sugar! Is this the real reason candida gobbles up sugar?

“… it was found that the refined sugar of alimentary grade contained: 57 (Cu), 34 (Zn), 1 (Cd), and 6 (Pb) μg/kg of dry sugar….”
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Yeast consumes chromium deposits in the intestines, so when you remove chromium from the digestive system, you deprive Candidiasis of it’s food source.  (Dr Hulda Clark, “Prevention of all Cancers”, pg 222) “Antifungal effect of zeolite-incorporated tissue conditioner against Candidiasis albicans growth and/or acid production…”  

“It is established that some zeolites have antidiarrhoeal,22 immuno- stimulatory and antioxidative,23 antibacterial and antifungal,24 antacid25 as well as glucose adsorbent-like properties.26…”

“The aim of the present work was to evaluate whether Candida species can reduce both precious and toxic pure metals from the respective molecular ions. From these results, the nanoparticles formed were studied using scanning electron microscopy with energy‐dispersive spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, X‐ray fluorescence spectroscopy and synchrotron radiation. Our results showed that the metal ions were reduced to their corresponding metallic nanoconglomerate or nanoparticles by Candida species. This is the first report on how yeasts of this genus are capable of achieving homeostasis (resilience) in the presence of metal ions of both precious and toxic metals by reducing them to a metallic state.”