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Safe and Effective Vaccine Detox | TRS

Whether we like it or not, vaccines happen. One might argue that they shouldn’t, but they do. And mandatory vaccines are bad if you are living in a country that claims to give you freedom of choice. But that is another debate. Our concern here is not the vaccines but the problems that come along with them. Especially, the contamination and impurity it brings these vaccines cause at the molecular level brings us to the most important subject, vaccine detox. 

Whether one should get vaccinated or not is their call. For those experiencing side affects or being forced, we want to talk to you about the next important step – detoxification. Vaccine detox becomes super important because otherwise, your physiological system might crumble due to the overload of toxicity.  

Why is vaccine detox important? 

You may not be aware of the damage vaccines can cause. Vaccinated children have higher rates of 

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Brain cancers 
  • Immunodeficiency disorders 

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity

Just like any other condition that has many symptoms, heavy metal toxicity also affects a person in separate ways. Following is the list of symptoms an individual may develop due to high metal toxicity.

How do vaccines cause damage, and how vaccine detox can help you with that 

When you have taken a vaccine, vaccine detox becomes important for you due to the inherent toxicity carried by vaccines. The presence of heavy metals and inorganic substances makes one vulnerable to many problems. 

Some people may show strong reactions to vaccines depending upon their allergies and the severity of their inflammation. Plus, you cannot ignore a load of toxicity as well in this regard. Some people are allergic to the constituents (components) of vaccines which adds to the complexity as well, making the bad situation of the body even worse. 

Now, we know that our body constantly works to deal with the toxins. It knows how to get rid of them. But what happens when there is too much load of toxins for the body to handle? Well, our body gives up, and our health starts to decline. 

Toxins accumulate when our body’s detoxification mechanism is unable to deal with the cellular wastes or absorption of toxins from the small intestine. In simple terms, it can be explained as garbage coming quicker and getting the better of your body’s ability to process it. 

Vaccines have ingredients that are nothing but a burden and are toxins that the body wants to get rid of immediately. These ingredients (toxins) accumulate inside the organs, especially the liver. They cause an imbalance in body functions and detox mechanisms. Hence, your body’s optimal function reduces and immunity decreases, which could lead to more serious ailments.

What are some of those toxins found in vaccines?

Well, it depends on the nature of the vaccine, so make sure you read the insert. The following ingredients that can act as toxins can be found on the CDC website. 

  • Aluminum
  • Egg protein
  • Formaldehyde
  • Thimerosal
  • Monosodium glutamate 

Neurotoxin like aluminum adjuvant is found to have the capacity to induce some serious immunological disorders in humans. Moreover, it also carries the risk for long-term brain inflammation (with associated neurological complications) and immunology. 

Formaldehyde is another neurotoxin found in vaccines, and it can have a severe impact on our cognitive functions. It affects memory, learning, and behavior. 

In 2017, a test conducted on vaccines got published in Quality-Control Investigation on Vaccines: Micro and Nano Contamination. It demonstrated that “all of the vaccines are contaminated with heavy metals, not declared on the ingredients list or in the byproduct leaflets.”

Following up, another test conducted in Germany where the following contaminants were found in the vaccines by Sanofi.  

  •     Mercury→ all vaccines turned out to contain mercury in small amounts. 
  •     Arsenic→  over one-third of vaccines had a small amount of arsenic. 
  •     Uranium→ over 90% of the vaccines contained uranium (which is used in bombs).
  •     Aluminum→ is around 1000-6000x above the safe limits for drinking water. 

TRS – The best vaccine detox 

After knowing how toxic these vaccines are, there is no way but to go for a vaccine detox to effectively clear your body from toxins if you have taken any vaccination. When it comes to detoxification, and especially in cases like vaccines where you’re experiencing symptoms, TRS is the choice you should go with. 

Vaccines contain a lot of heavy metals, which are extremely toxic and positively charged metals. TRS is known for successfully removing the following positively charged toxins 

  • Mercury 
  • Arsenic 
  • Barium
  • Fluoride
  • Strontium 
  • Lead 
  • Uranium

Most of the above positively charged toxins are present in vaccines. 

The clinoptilolite zeolite in the TRS is extremely efficient because of its high negative charge. Due to this high negative charge, it has a strong affinity for positively charged particles. Toxins are mostly positively charged, so they are captured by zeolite. 

The zeolite has a sufficient surface area of 0.9 nanometers to capture more toxins. Once these toxins are captured, they get trapped in a cage-like structure, so they cannot escape. TRS also prevents the redistribution of toxins, and this method is so gentle because the kidney does not have to filter the zeolites when it is transported through urination pathways.

You can read Avalyn’s story as well to see the potential of TRS. 

Advanced TRS Detox Spray

The zeolites in TRS are perfectly designed to be in the nanometer range and encased in water molecule clusters. This means TRS Spray benefits while other zeolite sprays and powders stay in the digestive system because TRS can actually go anywhere in the body that water can go–including the brain!  It doesn’t tax any organs nor redistribute toxins.  The toxins safely leave the body in a few hours through normal passages. It is a great detox for nursing moms and pregnancy and people with less than optimal detox pathways. This stuff works!