Why am I gaining weight

Why Am I gaining Weight? 4 reasons how heavy metals are behind this

Do you want to live a shorter life? If the answer to this question is No, as it should be, you must do something about your weight gaining.

Weight gain brings some major health problems with it. Overweight and obese people are more prone to heart attacks, strokes, depression, and diabetes. Luckily, we can tackle this problem by identifying the right cause, and then applying the right solution to get rid of the culprit issue to live a healthier life. To answer your question, “why am I gaining weight” let’s dive deep to unpack some intriguing truths


Some major concerns  

One of the big problems we are encountering nowadays is the exposure we have to different heavy metals, which is disastrous for our health. The second major issue is the lack of awareness of how dangerous these heavy metals are for our health. 

The final problem is that we underestimate the role of heavy metals being the culprit in many health problems like weight gain. Heavy metals have widespread symptoms that make it harder for doctors to know the cause. Furthermore, doctors usually don’t look at heavy metals in most health problems like weight gain, which is becoming the common cause of numerous issues. 

How heavy metals are the answer to “Why AM I gaining weight?”

We are going to explain how heavy metals contribute to acting as resistance to your weight loss and aid in turning you into an overweight person. But first, let’s have a look at how heavy metals accumulate in our bodies. 

Accumulation of heavy metals 

Many factors that lead to the accumulation of heavy metals are given below. 

  • Stress → inhibits the removal of toxins 
  • Your body is lacking the required nutrients needed for the detox 
  • You are malnourished
  • Fatigue → don’t have the required energy for detox 
  • Poor sleep also inhibits the removal of toxins 

All these things lead to slowly building the levels of heavy metals toxicity. Our body organs, like the liver and kidney, are designed to break the low levels of heavy metal toxicity. But our exposure to such tremendous levels of heavy metals leaves these two organs helpless. 

When these heavy metals get an entrance into our body, they travel throughout the body and try to find their way to enter inside adipose tissue, where they remain stored for years.  

Toxic heavy metals contribute to weight gain and obesity in different ways by inducing oxidative stress and substituting for essential nutrients etc. 

  1. Heavy metals and hypothyroidism

Hormonal imbalance is not the primary cause of weight-loss resistance because heavy metals affect the function of the thyroid and hence induce this hormonal imbalance which becomes the cause of weight gain.

Two things are required for thyroid hormone metabolism. 

  1. Iodine
  2. Selenium

Both of these things have receptors having a strong affinity for heavy metals. Now, because of this problem, these nutrients have a hard time shifting into the cells, resulting in a faded thyroid. 

Every cell in our body has receptors for thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones attach themselves to these receptors in order to transfer the message it carries to the cells. The message could be “burning fat for producing energy” or “feeling satisfied.”

When the heavy metals are attached to these receptors, they get numbed. The message cannot be passed into the cell now. 

Traditional practice is to prescribe hormones to deal with this issue, which is very wrong because it can lead to hormone resistance. Such supplemental hormones may ease this problem in the beginning, but the need for this dosage increases over time. It is known as hormone resistance. 

To make those cells more alive, we would need to get rid of heavy metals, which can be achieved through detoxing heavy metals. Detoxing will help the cells become more sensitive to the coming hormones and be able to receive the message. 

2. Heavy metals – responsible for nutrient deficiency

Essential nutrients and metals bind with the transporters in our small intestine in order to be absorbed. Unfortunately, toxic heavy metals share these receptor sites as vital nutrients to be absorbed instead of essential micronutrients. 

Now, those nutrients needed for metabolism are no longer available because of their hindered absorption. Hence, nutrients deficiency occurs, which then starts contributing to obesity by 

  • Affecting energy production 
  • Carbohydrate tolerance 
  • Other metabolic processes

When the body is too deficient in nutrients, it starts to feel in starvation mode and stores every calorie that enters the body. 

Taking care of your nutrient deficiencies along with heavy metal detoxification is a decent way to help yourself lose weight. 

Obesity is linked to the shortage of the following essential metals. 

  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Iron  
  • Magnesium
  1. Heavy metals causing insulin resistance 

Insulin is a hormone produced by the cells of the pancreas in order to regulate our blood sugar levels. After having a meal, the pancreas releases insulin to move the glucose out of the blood into the cells. 

A heavy metal named Arsenic damages the pancreatic cells, which leads to impaired insulin production and, ultimately, weight gain. A constant build-up of Arsenic over a long time can even cause diabetes by harming insulin production. 

  1. Heavy metals and oxidative stress 

Elevated oxidative stress is directly connected to obesity. Heavy metals like iron, copper, and chromium are direct inducers of stress. On the other hand, arsenic, mercury, and nickel induce oxidative stress indirectly by draining glutathione. 

Glutathione is a vital antioxidant in our body that regulates the oxidation of fatty acids. Lack of sufficient glutathione in our body means less fat burning. Hence, a person becomes overweight because the fats start to accumulate due to the low combustion rate. 

How to test for heavy metals? 

Of course, the first question that will come to your mind now is, how do I test for heavy metals? One of the best ways to test for heavy metals in your body is “hair tissue mineral analysis” (HTMA). 

HTMA is a pathology test that is a very reliable way to know about the overall condition of a person’s health. To learn more about HTMA, check out our detailed article here. 

How to get rid of heavy metals with the help of TRS 

After knowing the root cause of the problem, the next thing we should do is get rid of this cause with the best possible solution. In this case, we have TRS, which is the by far the best and safest solution to get rid of these toxic heavy metals and weight loss resistance. 

The clinoptilolite zeolites in the TRS attract heavy metals like a magnet, engage them, and take them out of the body without any chance of redistribution. 

What Are Common Changes To Expect In Adults?

Improved energy levels, concentration and memory, healthier hair, nails and skin and more restful sleep are commonly reported results of using TRS.

Some have also reported parasites, yeast and fungal infections clearing up as a result of heavy metals being removed from the body.

Read more about TRS Detox https://www.stonesdetox.com/trs-spray-benefits-why-is-trs-so-unique/


Bottom line 

Weight gain is a serious issue as it can drastically reduce your life expectancy. If you find it hard to lose weight, go for HTMA without a second thought to be sure if heavy metals are the culprits. Finding the root cause on time and treating it effectively with the TRS will help you from so many potential health problems in the future. 


Client success stories

Before starting TRS, I didn't even realize that my son's issues with emotional regulation, clinginess and even tantrums were toxin related. After an elevated lead test and starting TRS, we realized that lead as well as other toxins and metals had been affecting him and his behaviors dramatically improved. The out of control tantrums with head banging faded and never returned once we began using TRS. So so grateful to have found TRS!

- Darija W -

When I say this stuff is changing our lives, I really mean it y’all! A month in and I'm totally weaned off of my anti anxiety and antidepressant medications! I also haven't needed sleeping medication that I've depended on for over 5 years.

My sweet daughter’s eczema is healing through TRS this week! SUCH AMAZING GAINS this week!! Clear improvements from spraying orally, and not even a full week of me spraying it directly on her face.

- Zane A -

I have high blood pressure and sugar diabetes, I have been taking TRS religiously for 2 1/2 weeks. I have always been on blood pressure pills and I’m normally 90/200 while taking them. Today 80/132! And my sugar diabetes is usually in the range from 162 to 200 while taking Metformin, I'm truly mind blown that it is at 100 today! Even after I had cereal, and sugarless cookies today.

I think my sugar diabetes just keeps getting better and better! I can’t get over this!

- Debbie R -

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